Life updates / shopping in Osaka!

Posted on 12th, March, 2014

Things are seriously looking up for me. :fa23 I found a new job that seems pretty awesome and get to go to Tokyo for the last week of March. Not sure what to do or if I can even do anything there since I have so many people to see..!! Basically, knowing now that I secured that job my stress has vanished and I just felt like blogging.

There’s a brand new building in Osaka called Abeno Harukas. :misc6 It’s now Japan’s tallest building! Hopefully this will force the city to clean up around Tennoji/Shinsekai.. That area needs a good scrub down :fa21 I haven’t had a chance to visit but I’m sure it’ll be extremely crowded and difficult to navigate. It’s actually on my way to work and is only a 6 minute train ride away. Will definitely be checking it out.

Here are some cute earrings I found in Lucua.

Freaking cute. The stud is making me want to pierce one side of my ear near the top. There’s nowhere for it to go right now.
I took this snap of the Hep5 Jouetie a couple days ago.

Got a choker and a sparkly silver eyeliner/eyestick. I plan to actually get more clothes once I slim down. (pray for me)

Adorable pens I found somewhere in Namba. :h7

Finally, I caved in and bought this perfume. I really don’t like the bottle… but I love the smell. The bottle looks cheap? Or maybe it’s just not my style. There were two choices of gifts for buying the 50ml bottle. Either a Juicy Couture tote bag or the roll on stick that has two scents. The bag wasn’t cute so I chose the roller. :h1

If anyone follows me on twitter you might have been subjected to my tweets about the 30 day shred I started doing a week ago. I’ll try to blog again once I’ve completed the program. I don’t expect to lose a ton of weight but it’d be nice to drop a pants size. We’ll see. I’m pretty confident these days. :cat2


Blah blah personal vanity blah

Posted on 26th, April, 2013

My makeup & fashion game is so weak. I hardly have any shoes… a friend asked me to go clubbing and what do you know. I have no clothes suitable for any kind of clubbing! :fa16 I also have to re-examine my current batch of makeup. A few things need throwing out and replacing.

Anyone got any recommendations for a good (affordable) concealer? I’ve never REALLY used concealer in my makeup routine and if anyone needs to hide spots IT’S ME, son.

Been hearing nothing but praise for RMK blushes but my wallet might be more inclined to good old canmake.

My hair game is also weak. I have one more pack of hair straightener. After that’s done I think I’ll switch over to getting it straightened in a salon. I have two friends who actually get their hair straightened here! I thought it wouldn’t work out for our hair.. but apparently it does. :fa17

It’s called 縮毛矯正 (shukumoukyousei)
Sooo, it’s basically just a ‘straight perm’. :fa15

As of now, I still don’t have a scale or measuring tape. My sister bought this DVD –

After a week her cellulite has pretty much disappeared o.0 but she hasn’t seen any change in her figure yet. It’s only been a week! She’s going at it hard core though. Much more hardcore than I could. I managed to do half of it the first time before I had to go to work. I thought it was nothing until I was in pain the next day! :fa18 That was surprising.

In my never ending weight loss journey I don’t know what kind of progress has been made. I just came off a nightmarish 2 week training session for my new job and now that I have time to sleep and eat properly I’ve been doing the exercises. It’s hard for me since my right knee hates me. Is it normal to have one bad knee? A lot of the workout consists of squats, which I am fine with, it’s just that my knee starts to ache.

& in other news! Salad addiction! Whaaaat. I never really had anything against salads.. just never went for them when buying food. Now I’d like to eat a salad every doggone day. Rice has disappeared from my diet as well. I’ll just stir up some beef, onions, green peppers and eat that. One reason is that I’m too lazy to cook the rice, another reason is that I don’t have any rice. :thaha Sooo, hopefully that changes something.

Ah, it never ends. :cat3


1 week diet challenge (for lazy people)

Posted on 19th, March, 2013

The thing I don’t like most about my body are my legs. I will never go anywhere without jeans or leggings to hide them. For once it would be nice to change. At this point I don’t even have THAT much to lose. I don’t need to be ‘skinny’. Think of a rap video girl. *cough* Yup, something like that is what I find to be ideal. I think things would be fine if I lost 15 pounds. That’s really not a lot, so why does it seem so impossible? I give in way too easy and at any sign of weight loss I give myself a pat on the shoulder with fancy desserts and such. Then it’s all downhill from there. DARNIT!

Now, you know how sometimes guys can just stop drinking soda and lose 10 pounds in a month or so. HA, if only. It sucks but girls are different. Also, if I had my little sister’s metabolism I’d be sitting pretty.

I figured the whole diet thing is just impossible for me. Eating salads, 5-6 little meals a day, cutting as many carbs as possible, etc. So I want to try something more manageable that I’ve been able to do for a bit before.

For one week:

1. No sugary drinks or fruit drinks.
2. 30 minutes of exercise a night.

Bamf. I’m hoping just to find the discipline to do these two simple things will change me a bit. It’s just one week! Maybe also cutting back on food SLIGHTLY as well.

Then I’ll eat whatever for a couple days and repeat.

Here is what I did last night.. but that doesn’t count since I had an original and chocolate krispy kreme donut before thinking all this up. D’OH! :cat3 Basically I have a playlist of exercises like this.

I like her videos. If you do them over and over again it’s enough torture to feel like progress. :cat2

I will update on this within when it’s been a week.