Wallet woes / TWD & GoT ramblings

Posted on 02nd, April, 2013

Yesterday was pretty great! 10,000 yen goes by too fast in this country.. I went shopping and it’s not even like I came back with a ton of things but my wallet is in pain. I did have to get a new bottle of foundation so that’s probably where most of it went really. :24 Need to find a daiso :thaha

I went back to HEP5 and got to go to my favorite store, jouetie. I actually only own a few accessories from there. It’s hard for me to spend 6,000 on a shirt.. no matter how fab it is. Think I’m gonna need a second job for that, sheesh. :fa6

It’s hard to explain why I like this store so much. Just looking through every item is fun. On a related note this brings me to the fact that although I enjoy looking at fashionable people on the streets, after a while they all just blend into each other. Donno, it might be hard to stand out when everyone around you is also wearing neon spiked earrings, printed leggings, spiked creepers, floral mini skirts, etc etc. :pt1

I couldn’t resist this necklace. It was about 2900.
Sure, it looks like plastic beads.. :fa18 but it’s really cute and super shiny irl

Korean Kitchen Shijan This is my go to place when I go out.
Seafood chijimi and dukbokki :misc4 Their dukbokki is really strong and not too spicy. Perfect.

Lots of people were stopping and gawking at the displays in the Hankyu building.

in searching for a drugstore I came across this park.

It seems weird.. I remember always seeing tons of sakura in years past.. but this year I’m seeing very few trees outside of parks. I guess it depends on the location. *shrug*

It’s still early in the day but I don’t feel like going anywhere. Video games have really been on the back burner these days.. maybe Super Mario Galaxy 2 can get some play time. Or I could finish OoT for the millionth time.


Typing all this up and didn’t even mention The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones!
I don’t really expect much from TWD, it’s just entertainment. It’s actually fun to get worked up over how stupid most of the characters are.

The governor is like Freeza and it seems like we have to wait for Trunks to come and slice him in half. I mean SERIOUSLY.

And in Game of Thrones… nothing much happened but it was still exciting and interesting. Great visuals all around. The giant was great but something is always off putting with the dragons’ CGI. Bad things just need to happen to the Lannisters. Just a series of unfortunate events please. PLEASE. They deserve it. Just leave Tyrion alone. Hopefully we get to see Arya in the next episode.