I’m still alive!

Posted on 14th, December, 2015

Wow, that was another long break! Since the last post I got to visit America for 3 weeks right after Korea. :cat2 I saw my pets and ate a ton of delicious unhealthy food. Came back to Osaka a bit heavier and with sadness all around me… Not even gonna lie, I had a faaaaairly rough summer. I didn’t have a job lined up for a while but quickly found some freelance stuff to do thanks to a friend. Now I’m basically full time doing something I have an interest in, and thus my life is a bit more stable right now :fa9 I even joined a gym! Which I haven’t gone to in quite a while.

Here is my favorite little Princess.

I got to meet Amy for the first time =D she loves attention :cat3

While in Florida me and my family got to go to Disney. The ONLY advantage of living in Florida is your friends always have free tickets :cat5

Oh, and this theme was made pretty much from scratch. I didn’t want to post a new update until I finished it… even though I still have a few more things to figure out. I kind of gave up on styling the comments section. It’s like inception in there :fa13 Now that my virtual Snorlax has cleared the path, I want to post a couple more times before the year is over!


Korea trip

Posted on 15th, April, 2015

I visited Korea from March 23rd to the 27th with one of my best friends. It was her 4th time and my second time going to Seoul. We stayed in Hyehwa at a little hostel she really likes.

I was really excited to shop for cosmetics and eat food you can’t really find in Japan. Most shopping was done in Myeongdong since it has all the stores concentrated together. Prices have gone up since the last time I was there and since the yen is so weak it was hard to go as crazy as I wanted to. :fa21 Shopping was fun but also kind of stressful. For one thing, people are kind of pushy… no one says excuse me. Store clerks lure you in and then follow you like a shadow silently until you buy something then they just disappear. :fa5 There’s more but, basically, customer service varies a lot from store to store. :cat2

Cute store right around Myeongdong station.

We met up with my friend’s very kind friend and he helped us out a bunch. He taught us some words and it’s interesting since there are some words that are the same or very similar to Japanese.

I automatically default to the peace sign when getting my picture taken…

Got tricked into visiting the YG building… it’s a great looking building!

Right across the building there’s this wall with lots of writing on it.

Street food was amazing, as usual. I wish Japan had street food like it, the kind that comes and goes. The only thing I see in Osaka is old guys selling roasted sweet potatoes.

Fried shrimp that didn’t make it into the picture