Posted on 29th, April, 2014

Last week I was in Tokyo again. I only had Saturday to roam around and decided to swing into 109 since my friend had never been there before. I forgot if it was B1 or B2 but we checked out the new PUNYUS store! They have some interesting stuff. Can’t really tell from that first picture but it was pretty packed and girls of all sizes were shopping. The store is pretty small though.

We didn’t try on any clothes. We ended up buying matching headbands (featured on me in the purikura picture further down). Is it just a headband? I don’t know what those things are called since this is my first time buying one. :fa3

Look at that! They just opened!

Earlier in the day we were searching for pancakes or a fancy cafe. It’s always the perfect time for breakfast with us :cat3 We wandered all over and went around in a big circle and couldn’t really find anything. The area we were in was right outside Shibuya station (H&M, Outback Steakhouse~ that area). There were sooo many izakayas. I figured we should have just stuck to the restaurant floor of a department store. We ended up going to Mee’s Pancake. Mmm mm it was good. :misc4

Definitely going back later this year.

Lastly, from Tokyo, the purikura pic that was sent to my phone.

Not the best shot but that’s the PUNYUS headband. Fried eggs pattern.

Back to Osaka: Finally… Mexican food
Back to Osaka: Finally… New computer

Obligatory computer blog coming up next. :cat5


Tokyo madness

Posted on 31st, March, 2014

I get what they say now about the trains being crowded in Tokyo now.. Every other time I’ve been to Tokyo, for some reason the trains were always fine. Suddenly during this trip I’ve come to experience the life of a sardine. Holy crap there are a lot of commuters. Like, duh? right? :thaha

:tyasumi I stayed in Shibuya and Kawasaki during my almost 1 week trip. :tyasumi

I shopped around in Harajuku with my friend for one day. Of course the place to swim upstream was Takeshita Dori. It hasn’t really changed since the last time I saw it. While hanging around the WC store I ran into a couple guys I knew from the last time I was in Tokyo. It’s a small world. There was a tamagotchi store and I almost bought one but used logic and reason therefore leaving the store empty handed. :cat3

Of course there were lots of colorful people. These girls were just standing around getting their pictures taken. I get it but at the same time it seems a bit weird to need all that attention. :fa18

As for training, it was very informative and productive. Quite the step up from where I’ve been before.. So I’m pretty excited. There was around 50 of us assembled in Ginza. There are so many fancy buildings there!! The building we were in seemed brand spanking new. Most of the positions are actually in the Tokyo area while only a handful are in Osaka. What’s the job you may be, or not be, wondering? I basically have to play with kindergarten kiddies. The ages are 3-6.. MY FAVORITE :fa11 It’s not so much ‘teaching’ them English, it’s more like teaching them general life tips and how to do certain things properly while having fun.

Spotless cafeteria where we could sit down and eat lunch.

Pretty much every day was disastrous for my diet. Some more than others. I’m not really on a diet per say, just eating what I want but not as much as I usually do. I also stopped doing the 30 day shred because I was too busy and had my crimson visitor that week. Now I don’t know whether to just continue on like that week didn’t happen or to start the 30 day shred all over again.. Decided to just continue on.

I went to Yokohama for a couple days. There’s an amazing restaurant in Landmark Tower called Bubby’s. Lot’s of great food and desserts.

There was also this tree that’s covered in crystal cherry blossoms.

Going back in Tokyo at least 3 more times throughout the year. Hopefully I’ll have some interesting experiences again.