MUJI Toner & Moisturizer

Posted on 21st, December, 2015

Muji was always a store I was kind of meh about :pt1 Probably because when I needed something for the apartment it’d be really pricey. Simplistic and clean, but overly pricey for me. Then I went back one day and discovered that some things they have are actually quite affordable. You can buy a little muji coffee table for 50,000 yen and muji eyeshadow for 750. :fa5

The lime x lemon looks fun.

Nice little flow chart.

I’m always on the look out for anything to help my skin to not deteriorate any faster than it’s already doing. Surely the answer to my skin woes.. to anyone’s skin woes, can be attributed to properly cleansing in the morning and at night followed by moisturizing. (Even that has been called into question… some say you should only wash once…)

Moisturising Milk & Light Toning Water

Either way, I’m less inclined to spend big bucks on toners/moisturizers since there are so many out there that are tried and tested for under 1,000 yen.

I’m not gonna lie, I bought these because I liked the bottle.
I also just wanted to try something different. Who knows, could have been a miracle worker.

I’ve used them on my face for a couple months earlier in the year. First I’d use the toner followed by the moisture lotion. At night I just put on more product. My skin improved slightly. There was less redness and I didn’t get as oily as usual. The fact that my skin was doing slightly better could have really been because I switched to a different method of removing makeup at the time.

Doesn’t seem to be a miracle worker, but it does an okay job of moisturizing.

There are usually two versions to these lotions. I got the “super” type which has a more dense feeling to it. Looks and shakes like oil compared to the normal version.

+good price
+no smell
+paraben free
+oil free
+leaves skin moisturized
+simple yet stylish packaging
+can also be found in certain convenience stores

-opening for moisturising milk is not the best

Grade: B
Repurchase? Probably not, will try other products


[VIDEO] Jill Stuart haul

Posted on 25th, January, 2015

The items in the video and down below:

1. smooth silk liquid foundation (103 nude)
2. lasting tint control base (03 green)
3. mix blush compact N (02 fresh apricot)
4. lip blossom (14 sweet kalmia)

I hope the green base works.

With this I will never need more blush.

I can’t wait to use these. I’ll definitely report back on my thoughts. I’m sure the blush and lipstick will be fine. I’m just worried about the color of the foundation. It might be slightly too light but it looks similar to my Shu Uemura foundation so it’ll probably be ok. The lady at the store also said that should be my color. Japan, as far as I know, doesn’t really have a system in place to return makeup if you don’t like it soooo… :misc7


It’s 2015! some updates on life

Posted on 06th, January, 2015

January 1st, 2015. First snow in Osaka this winter.

First blog of the year! The end of 2014 has been a really rough one but things have calmed down a lot since then. It’s very strange how fast everything happened and how my boyfriend’s brother isn’t here anymore… Instead of constant sadness everyone is focusing on all the good memories and kind words from friends and family.

It snowed on the 1st, then later the high school soccer team, that a former classmate participated in, won two games. There were lots of kind messages left on the dad’s blog. Little things so far have been working out for the better.

With that being said I’ll go into my usual type of blog.

*sudden theme change…*

EDIT when I read from here on it seems so shallow. I’m not good at going from dark to happy in one post. Didn’t feel like leaving out the above info and didn’t feel like making two separate posts.

It’s been a really long time since I did my nails at a salon. At the time I really didn’t want to do it myself. I found a good deal on hotpepper for 3900 yen. :cat4

Can’t really see but a couple of the nails have a marble design

They look really beautiful and sparkly under certain lighting. I’m happy with them.

Apparently taking the crazy nails off is going to be a hassle so I’ll go back to the same lady in a couple weeks and get a whole new design that doesn’t include a million stones. After that I’ll stick to doing gel nails by myself.

Skip forward to a few days ago, I went shopping in Umeda with a friend and decided to purchase some LUSH products for the first time ever! They had a few items that were on sale for 50% off. Usually one of their bathbombs cost around 760… That’s a lot of money for one bath… I have no idea. :misc7 But for half that price? I can do that and at the same time end up, hopefully, supporting a company I think is pretty good.

This had a smell I could get behind. Rose and a bit of vanilla.

Christmas item on sale. Doesn’t matter with all that nice glitter.

For most of my winter break I’ve been away from my apartment. Spent a night over at a friend’s house and decided to use her convenient full body mirror.

I look like a hobbit when not wearing heels.

We went to H&M and I had the solid proof that I had gained quite a bit of weight in the past couple of months. BACK ROLLS. Immediately I decided to get the ball rolling by giving up cheese curls and soda. This is a small part of how I got to this state. I need to get back into Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred like before and just make a few dietary adjustments. Did it last year and can do it again.

Finally, I was given this after all the rushing around was done. It was his other brother’s idea. Don’t really have a surface to place it on so it’ll go on my wall. I’m very grateful. :tlove

I’ll post more about what’s going on in future posts.. Good news! :h6