Naked3 Palette

Posted on 23rd, March, 2017

Oh my goodness, not only is Urban Decay nowhere to be found in Japan, they also make it impossible to have their stuff shipped here. I tried ordering the Naked 3 Palette from a few different sites, but none of them would ship internationally… I see how it is. :fa16

The palette had to be sent to my mom, and then she had to send it to me… I paid for the shipping—it wasn’t cute.

Naked 3 box. The packaging is really nice.

The colors and included brush are shown on the back of the box.

Naked 3 palette colors.

I think the brush is decent, and I like that it’s double ended. Might have to eventually invest in some quality eye brushes, even though I’m still making it with what very few brushes I have.

The colors look soooo pretty. I wanted this palette for everyday work looks and it is doing that job well. After a bit of use though, I’ve realized that some of the colors are a little too similar. Oops. I feel like I can just wing it and kind of get the same look even if I wasn’t planning on it—this might not be a bad thing. I really like the Blackheart, the black color with specs of red all the way on the right. Lining my waterline always ends in disaster, but if I use Blackheart to outline my eyes, it sort of gives a similar smokey effect effortlessly. I like the matte colors, and find that the shadows blend fine.

A few of the colors don’t really pick up well, and when they do they just seem to be glitter? I’m mostly talking about the glittery pinkish colors like Dust. I’m also not sure if I’ll ever use Trick, the coppery color.

Got the Urban Decay eye shadow primer on sale for only $10

+Pink n girly
+Sturdy packaging
+Big mirror
+Good color payoff
+Comes with brush

-Glittery fallout
-A couple colors don’t pick up well

Grade: B+
Would repurchase/recommend? Mostly, yes.

Basically, this palette is good if you want a certain type of everyday look. I’d say my biggest complaint is the $54 price tag. The best part about it is you can get a super natural look all the way to a nighttime smokey look. None of the colors really pop, but I’m sure you can tell just by looking at them—that’s not the point of this palette.

So, yeah, I’m just going to leave it at that and be a terrible blogger by not including my face.💦


[VIDEO] Max Pure Brown

Posted on 20th, February, 2016

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged yet this year! Oops! :fa11

Finally, a pair of Max Pure Browns to call my own (These were purchased last year…) :misc7 It took a while before actually buying them since there was always more exciting alternatives. Unfortunately, my camera isn’t the best, but you can still see how the color actually shows up. :cam

Scroll down for a few specs and my video review! :h4 Here goes ↓↓↓

Natural light

Dim lighting

In front of a window

Indoor lighting


Enlargement: 4/5

These lenses are 14.5mm and will give the effect of bigger, more doll like eyes. These lenses are big, but won’t look alien like when not wearing makeup.

Color/Design: 5/5

The brown color can be seen indoors and with most lighting. The color itself isn’t very bright, but it’s definitely there. Depending on your eye color, you’ll have different results. The design is great since they don’t look too pixelated/fake IRL. The medium brown color is just enough to make a difference.

Comfort: 4/5

I’ve worn these lenses in the past and didn’t have any issues. Though I experienced no irritation, I still always feel these lenses. I’ve had other lenses feel like I’m not wearing them at all… these lenses don’t give me that. My eyes get a little tired after 8 or so hours. I’m satisfied with the comfort, but it might be different for your eyes.

Overall: 4.5/5

These are a good basic brown lens. Recommended for those who are new to circle lenses. Perfect if you’re just looking for a pair to wear to school or work.

Lens specs ↓↓↓

G&G/Dueba/Barbie – Max Pure Brown
-Diameter: 14.5mm
-Water Content: 38%
-Base Curve: 8.9

Oh God, I said the word “natural” so many times… I’m sorry :fa21


MUJI Toner & Moisturizer

Posted on 21st, December, 2015

Muji was always a store I was kind of meh about :pt1 Probably because when I needed something for the apartment it’d be really pricey. Simplistic and clean, but overly pricey for me. Then I went back one day and discovered that some things they have are actually quite affordable. You can buy a little muji coffee table for 50,000 yen and muji eyeshadow for 750. :fa5

The lime x lemon looks fun.

Nice little flow chart.

I’m always on the look out for anything to help my skin to not deteriorate any faster than it’s already doing. Surely the answer to my skin woes.. to anyone’s skin woes, can be attributed to properly cleansing in the morning and at night followed by moisturizing. (Even that has been called into question… some say you should only wash once…)

Moisturising Milk & Light Toning Water

Either way, I’m less inclined to spend big bucks on toners/moisturizers since there are so many out there that are tried and tested for under 1,000 yen.

I’m not gonna lie, I bought these because I liked the bottle.
I also just wanted to try something different. Who knows, could have been a miracle worker.

I’ve used them on my face for a couple months earlier in the year. First I’d use the toner followed by the moisture lotion. At night I just put on more product. My skin improved slightly. There was less redness and I didn’t get as oily as usual. The fact that my skin was doing slightly better could have really been because I switched to a different method of removing makeup at the time.

Doesn’t seem to be a miracle worker, but it does an okay job of moisturizing.

There are usually two versions to these lotions. I got the “super” type which has a more dense feeling to it. Looks and shakes like oil compared to the normal version.

+good price
+no smell
+paraben free
+oil free
+leaves skin moisturized
+simple yet stylish packaging
+can also be found in certain convenience stores

-opening for moisturising milk is not the best

Grade: B
Repurchase? Probably not, will try other products