Posted on 29th, April, 2014

Last week I was in Tokyo again. I only had Saturday to roam around and decided to swing into 109 since my friend had never been there before. I forgot if it was B1 or B2 but we checked out the new PUNYUS store! They have some interesting stuff. Can’t really tell from that first picture but it was pretty packed and girls of all sizes were shopping. The store is pretty small though.

We didn’t try on any clothes. We ended up buying matching headbands (featured on me in the purikura picture further down). Is it just a headband? I don’t know what those things are called since this is my first time buying one. :fa3

Look at that! They just opened!

Earlier in the day we were searching for pancakes or a fancy cafe. It’s always the perfect time for breakfast with us :cat3 We wandered all over and went around in a big circle and couldn’t really find anything. The area we were in was right outside Shibuya station (H&M, Outback Steakhouse~ that area). There were sooo many izakayas. I figured we should have just stuck to the restaurant floor of a department store. We ended up going to Mee’s Pancake. Mmm mm it was good. :misc4

Definitely going back later this year.

Lastly, from Tokyo, the purikura pic that was sent to my phone.

Not the best shot but that’s the PUNYUS headband. Fried eggs pattern.

Back to Osaka: Finally… Mexican food
Back to Osaka: Finally… New computer

Obligatory computer blog coming up next. :cat5


Tiny adventures

Posted on 15th, April, 2014

Walking around Namba Parks I came across this lovely wall!

And below we have a view of Umeda from the Hep5 building. Not sure what’s going on with the building to the right. Looks as if many windows were smashed?? :misc7

Here is the obligatory cherry blossom shot. I would have totally missed hanami season if it weren’t for my old co-workers. Happy I got out there to participate. We went to Osaka castle. The best time to see the flowers was plagued by bad weather. It was overcast the entire day :wrain2 rained just a little..

Then, this past Saturday, me and some friends went to see our friend play in her band SECONDLADY. We went to the Hard Rock Cafe which is located near Honmachi station in Osaka. It was a lot of fun because my friend and some other customers were being hype machines. Someone even started to sing along which caught the vocalist off guard :fa18

Me and a friend split this enormous cobb salad with real blue cheese dressing. It was really good.

I was excited to get dessert because I ate around/under 1600 calories a day 7 days straight prior. It was time to let loose. I ate about 2/3 of their apple pie & ice cream. #fatnessfirst.

I’m going back to Tokyo either Friday night or Saturday morning! Just for one day of training… The free shinkansen ride makes up for it. :cat3 My current job is pretty cool. So far, since things are just starting up, I’ve had a lot of days off and free time. On a few days I’ve had 3-4 hours of free time in the middle of the day or I’d just come in for 2 hours in the morning. Eventually things are going to pick up but not too much. Overall I’m pleasantly surprised. The kids are adorable and hilarious. It’s fun listening to their little conversations. :pt1

I took a relatively short break from nails. Last week I received a coupon from someone working around hikkakebashi for gel nails. The deal was any design you want that could be done within 90 minutes for 3500 yen. Which is incredibly cheap as the design I chose would have easily been over 6000 otherwise.

Yay! Semi-old pic of me and my co-worker. Just by chance I ran into that girl on the right after losing her contact info for many months.

Random purikura from a few weeks ago. Didn’t ask about uploading so I hid the eyes :h1



Posted on 28th, October, 2013

With about 4 hours of sleep under my belt I went to work and then completed the paper work for my new place on Saturday. In the evening I met up with some friends.

Kyojin mask~ almost 6000 yen…

We gave up on entering giraffe (club) after seeing the line to get it in… instead we went into Donkihote to window shop. I ran into some coworkers and talked to for quite some time! Donki is a magical place.

Of course a friend forced us to stay out all night… Basically that was another night were I got around 3 hours of sleep. It was a fun night, I can’t lie. It’s also been a while since we took purikura.

There weren’t that many scary costumes, as you can probably imagine.

We found all the waldos in Osaka