Who could say no to roses?

Posted on 15th, May, 2016

Summer is almost here, but spring is where it’s at! :fa3 :thaha I’ve been busy with life, work, rolling around my room, paying taxes, and now playing Dark Souls 3. Sometimes I don’t know exactly what to post on this blog, but today I think this is quite appropriate. :cat2 The park I’ll be referring to is Utsubo park located in Honmachi, a business district in Osaka.

It currently hosts variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Simply stunning. :h4

I’ve been eating lunch outside lately since it’s been getting warmer and warmer. Utsubo Park in Honmachi Osaka seems to have rose events every year around this time. :misc2 Walking into this park is simply breathtaking for me as I’ve never really seen so many different types of roses in one place before.

Utubo Rose Garden…? When typing Japanese, “tu” will give you “つ” (tsu)…
but reading it like this just looks weird! The s is necessary, you guys. :fa6

Forgive my lack of camera skills.

My attitude and energy shoots up through the roof when in this park! I just wish the roses could stay forever. Even when they are gone, the park is just so pristine and relaxing, it’s a nice getaway from the office. Gotta get out and about before the summer heat ruins everything.

Some two-tone roses. I’m pretty sure there were more.

And a few more roses!

I also changed my hair! I pretty much only where protective styles these days because my hair is still too short for my liking. I usually wear wigs or braid up my hair like in the picture below. Hopefully I can start doing something with my natural hair. It has gotten pretty long, but you wouldn’t be able to tell because of the shrinkage!

Yeah, that’s all. The next blog post should be before the end of this month, haha. I already have the pictures ready for it. Gotta keep updating, gotta keep updating… But Dark Souls 3 is too good. I squeezed Dark Souls into this post 3 times, admittedly the last two instances were lazy. :fa18

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Hanami 2016 ❤in Osaka❤

Posted on 12th, April, 2016

We had a picnic in Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park.

I was worried that I’d miss cherry blossom viewing season this year. I missed it last year as I was in America just when the flowers started to bloom. Work life makes it very hard because that means only about two weekends are available to get your hanami on. I went to my job’s hanami event on Friday at night and it was fun, but not the same as during the day. This past Sunday was pushing it because the cherry blossoms had begun to fall days before and were rained on heavily :fa10

Me and Yana having a laugh :thaha

I didn’t know most of the people who came since this was a Facebook group event. It was nice meeting everyone and talking about our similarities and differences. We also all enjoyed some Fetty Wap, haha :cat3 It was through these events that my friend created Interpretive Trap Dance, a new style of dance born in Osaka y’all.

Admiring my creepy lenses XCK-105

So getting back to why Sunday was pushing it – luckily there were still plenty of flowers left! And the tree that we decided to sit next to was full of them :h4 We even had some kids come up with their mom asking to play. At first we were weary since it seemed as if the mom was looking for some kind of free English lesson… Though she did say they needed to build up their English abilities, she didn’t push them too much and we had a lot of fun playing soccer :cat2

It was a cloudy and slightly chilly day.

I’m trying to find the time to edit the videos that I took this past Sunday. Once that’s all good and done, I’ll post it in here :fa23 Should be in a few days.



Posted on 18th, September, 2014

Let me just preface this blog post by saying that this was completely a last minute impulse thing. Did I want tickets to see the show? Of course! But I missed out since they sell out so fast. On my way and back from work on Wednesday I saw so many fans… I was feeling down that I wouldn’t be able to go this year. The envy was real. I decided to look through yahoo auctions just to see what was out there. Basically after a little headache I successfully purchased an electronic ticket from someone who couldn’t make it due to work.

Yay goods =D goodbye money…

I was on the fence with Mendy’s train pass holder thing but refrained.. turns out it was sold out anyway.

I went to the second show of the tour. 9/4 at the Kyocera dome. It was a slightly rainy and cloudy day and thankfully there wasn’t a huge line at all for the goods area. It seems like most people got theirs in advance from the day before. After buying the goods I found my gate and lined up at 2:40. The gates were supposed to open at 3 but opened around 3:30……. The qr code ticket thankfully scanned in fine and it came with a CD.

I knew where my seats were by looking on line. Basically in the middle section of the whole dome. It wrapped around in a big circle.

On to the start of the concert.

I wanted the yellow/gold flag since yellow was the color for Osaka but I couldn’t choose. I got lucky and got it anyway.

The show didn’t start until around 5:30 and there was a pretty loooong intro video with all the heroes.. Finally Victory started up and everyone went crazy. I’m not gonna front, vocals were sort of iffy on the first couple of songs. I think they were too hype and excited haha. I don’t know if it was mic volume or what was going on. Won’t be long was a lot of fun as usual. VERBAL came out of nowhere and was rapping =D

There was a short 3jsb section where they only did like 2 songs. Ryusei and Sakura. Vocals were much better. I’d say Ryuji & Hiroomi got an equal amount of cheer when they were on screen. After 3jsb was The Second. OMFG… the second was on point. Their songs are so hype!!! Nesmith’s hair was pretty cool =D it suits him more than a plain old buzz cut, or that disastrous Sisqo hair he had going on at one point. Basically, he had dreads but the sides of his head were shaved. Shokichi’s hair was flawless too. Their songs are my favorite.. reminds me of 2jsb. They were followed by Generations and I don’t know what song they sang because I don’t really listen to gene. Right after gene 3jsb came back with only the vocalists… suddenly Matsu showed up with this super serious face and when he started dancing the crowd was like “aahhhh!!!” They brought up two couples that were about to get married and sang wedding bell… lucky. I think maybe sometime after Shokichi did his solo stuff or Takahiro did, my memory might be off. Takahiro’s performances were great. Nice vocals. He did GLORIA and it was hilarious because at the beginning of the song he sang the first part and then there was silence. He basically said “Oops, I forgot the words a little.” Adorable. He said something in Kansaiben during the show too.

There was the dance performance part where everyone got a turn. Sekai… got some moves. He is a beast.

Then suddenly E-Girls! They did a dance number and then sang RYDEEN dance all night. I like E-girls but the high vocals don’t do it for me. Gomen nasai no kissing you… I’m still completely baffled as to how this song was green lit. The whole time my knee jerk reaction was pinching my eyebrows.. it’s like bizarre happy circus clown music… I… just… it makes me confused and not in a good way.

Suddenly DJ Makidai. His parts were great~

I was really happy when they played Think about it by The second because I love that song and know the lyrics by heart. Shokichi did back to the future with the rampage. The anthem was hilarious, awesome, and suspect all at the same time. Akira was amazing.

Skip ahead to let’s party! They were on the moving platforms so close enough were I could see their faces even with my not so perfect vision. I left before the encore because I was exhausted from the little work that I did in the morning and lack of sleep… also wanted to beat the thousands of people rushing to the train. I’m a terrible fan =(

This has been my 4th LDH live and it’s always been fun. I wish I could go with someone next time… that would be nice but the ticket prices sort of make that impossible.

Lack of Atsushi was a bummer. There were a few low points vocal wise but the majority of the time it was where it needed to be. Energy for days from the performers. Grade: “A” would go again =D

Bought 3 random pins

Everything I got from the live

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