Nonno March present

Posted on 11th, February, 2015

Hey there, I saw this magazine at the convenience store and bought it since it came with Jill Stuart stuff. :misc2 There was another magazine a little while back that had a bag from Jill Stuart but it wasn’t remarkable. :fa5 I am not familiar with this magazine. Smart marketing, as usual, since many people just want to gifts.

Using this tissue case. It’s cute :h5

For the Snoopy lovers

a few pages of cute chocolate treats

That’s it! Felt the urge to blog. Until next time! :cat5


[VIDEO] Jill Stuart haul

Posted on 25th, January, 2015

The items in the video and down below:

1. smooth silk liquid foundation (103 nude)
2. lasting tint control base (03 green)
3. mix blush compact N (02 fresh apricot)
4. lip blossom (14 sweet kalmia)

I hope the green base works.

With this I will never need more blush.

I can’t wait to use these. I’ll definitely report back on my thoughts. I’m sure the blush and lipstick will be fine. I’m just worried about the color of the foundation. It might be slightly too light but it looks similar to my Shu Uemura foundation so it’ll probably be ok. The lady at the store also said that should be my color. Japan, as far as I know, doesn’t really have a system in place to return makeup if you don’t like it soooo… :misc7


Jill Stuart jelly eye color N (#10)

Posted on 20th, November, 2014

Coming off the wings of my last post about Shu Uemura’s Shupette palette, I’m here with a small review of one small product. This eye shadow/jelly retails for 2200 yen (roughly $20). I really wanted something I could just slap on at any time. The glitter is very fine, color is there but it’s definitely on the sheer side.

I was extremely amused at the texture! It really feels like jelly, very bouncy and a little creepy. :cat3 The bottle also got me. I’ve worn it to work almost every day since getting it!

Unfortunately, #6 & #10 are going to be discontinued after 11/21

Lucky for me I bought #10 vintage decor before it was too late. :fa21

cute bottle
beautiful shimmer
nice soft color
long lasting
can be used as eyeliner

glitter everywhere depending on removal method

Grade: A+
Repurchase? YES!! In two more colors. Most likely #2 and #7.

As with any kind of gel or jelly product, keeping the lid shut tight is the key to longevity. I can see this stuff lasting me well over a year. Finger application is the easiest and probably best way to go. Each eye takes a few seconds to blend out and then it sets and stays the same throughout the day. :fa23 Glides on like gel and sets like powder.

I really like this stuff. It’s super cute and get’s the job done. Couldn’t find anything to complain about. It does, strangely enough, have scent.. It’s pretty okay and goes away quickly. Price is a little steep for just one color, but it’ll last long enough to be worth it.

Here’s the official website where you can check out all their other products.

Might be able to find their stuff through online stores. Not sure where is the best place.