Trip to Minoo.. Oh, and SEX冠!!

Posted on 27th, November, 2013

Finally was able to get out there and see some fall leaves. Apparently so was everyone else… we were like salmon swimming upstream the whole time, but it was fun. We had plans to go to an owl cafe after the trip to the waterfall but it was closing time :fa6 maybe next time..

I got sick the same night =( I blame it on the waterfall!

Mmm, that’s it for that.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to concert. I requested a day off to see SEX MACHINEGUNS and The KANMURI. This is the second time I’ve seen them together. Fricken insane. These ossan have so much energy. There was definitely a difference in crowd interaction which I was surprised to see.

Most people were there for Machineguns and when SMG talked about The Kanmuri the crowd’s reactions were always quiet and awkward… but when The Kanmuri came out to play EVERYONE knew all their songs and were going crazy so I don’t get it..

This is probably in my top 3 songs to see them perform. FLAW FREE.

Ohhh! I finally bought a bike! Just need to actually use it..


Back to Fushimi Inari!

Posted on 10th, June, 2013

So, my friend is visiting for 3 days. We originally planned to just wander around Kyoto for most of the time but that is seeming to be a little impactical. We went today, though. After almost 4 years I got to go back to Fushimi Inari. I was so excited! Then.. we started to climb :fa21 we kept going up the stairs. They just never ended. The whole trip took us around 2 hours since we did dilly dally quite a bit. We made it to the top!!! :misc7 There were so few people up there.. mostly dead-tired and panting young couples.

After that we decided to head out to the Gion district. There were many Taiwanese and tourists from China =o it was interesting hearing all the different languages.. We walked around a bit and since we were starving we decided to give in and spend some big bucks in one of the restaurants in the area.

Hot sweaty mess but I was happy.
Could eat this every day..

Finally we got back to Kyoto station and walked around. I had NO IDEA how massive Kyoto station is! Holy crap. It’s so fancy. Makes Shin Osaka look like crap.. Heck, it makes Osaka station look like crap… My pictures don’t do it any justice but here’s a random pagoda..?

And to close off.. I wanted to post this picture because it’s hilarious. My other friend here looks like she already drank her whole can of Redbull when she totally didn’t yet.


Japanese vloggers & latest music addiction

Posted on 21st, May, 2013

Wow! Back to back posting! Yeah! I tweaked the layout a bit too. Totally into peachy orangey colors for spring/summer. I’ve been a bit out of the know when it comes to this whole HTML5 thing… and the way sites are coded these days… so… many… custom…attributes… :fa12

Today Tonight I would like to share 3 vloggers that I follow.

Choicerish She usually does makeup tutorials. Sometimes she’ll do a very natural look and other times a very made up look. She also uses a lot of western products and drugstore stuff.

ARIKEITA113 He talks really fast but it’s great listening practices. He uploads rather frequently with talk about news, tech, pop culture, etc. I haven’t found any other Japanese vloggers that do videos in his style. (Ha, he’s telling it how it is with AKB in this video too. Word.)

nanairomiso *cough* This is my friend’s channel and she gives good advice, mmkay?

Onto this music addiction. It’s just one song.

Artist: SiM (official site)
Genre: Punk & Reggae… ska?

Now, this isn’t the type of music I usually listen to. I’ve never really been too receptive of punk. Listening to this song reminded me of stuff I heard in high school and college back in America.. It’s just that… this particular song grabs you in with that opening. The influences of reggae and his vocals are also another thing I like. I showed it to my sister and she said it’s a cool song and eloquently stated that certain parts sound like ‘white people music’. Busted out laughing.

Just wanted to get this short blog post off my shoulders. :fa19

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