Posted on 20th, November, 2016

I was 110% not expecting that result. Never in a million years could I have imagined. The most I could muster up upon messaging my family back home was “uhhhhh…” and “uhhhhhhhhhh…” Welp. I don’t even want to waste more time on it, ugh. 2016-2020 is officially canceled.

In the time between when I posted last, I came down with an interesting…predicament. To make a long story short, upon waking up one Saturday, a lot of things about my right were off. The first two doctors said it was sudden hearing loss and that recovery sometimes just doesn’t happen… I took steroids and got better for ONE day. Got a referral to go to a big facility and the doc there said it could be Meniere’s disease since it comes can goes. :fa21 I’ve experienced no vertigo symptoms, so I was, and still am, super confused about it all. The meds I was prescribed was a ridiculous amount of bitter syrup tubes. Right now I’m taking a 2-week break, hopefully by the next time I see the doctor my ear will still be fine.

And on to happier things— :cat2

I’ve been walking this lil bugger whenever I can.

She’s so easily distracted :cam

Halloween was very uneventful. I wasn’t feeling the Halloween spirit this year; it just kinda came and went. My friends and I got to do a bit of people watching in Amemura, and I was able to eat some Halloween-themed cake.

Hair Growth Update!!! :fa7

After doing the big chop about two years ago, I can say that the length is finally getting to where I want it to be. Unfortunately, the shrinkage is real. :fa16

And my diet? The thing I’ve been struggling the entire year over? Ugh… just when I start getting a few compliments, the ear thing I mentioned earlier decides to happen… So I ended up eating more than I would have had I not had to take that medicine.

I’ve had too much of this…

…and this…

Making it to Christmas with no more days eating out like this is my current goal. I should not be spending $20-$40 on dinner…especially when it’s not steak or lobster! Not to mention I’m sure that after breakfast and lunch, a 1500 calorie meal with coworkers just isn’t worth it in the end. :pt1


What comes next?

Posted on 13th, September, 2016

I miss when blogging used to be a thing. I always come back to this blog while thinking “oh yeah…” :misc7

It’s not even like I don’t have anything to write about, I just feel pressure? Like the pressure to have nice pics ready and to write enough so that my posts are more than 5 tweets. And speaking of tweets, twitter and other social media sites also probably plays a roll in the neglect of this blog.

Anyway, I have some rough drafts written out and I’ll be forcing myself to take new pictures. I actually ended up selling my Casio camera, so now all I have is my Galaxy s7 edge. The s7 edge takes amazing pictures and great video (when still).

With all that being said, I still love the idea of having my own site, so I don’t think I’ll ever stop =D

And here’s a picture of sweet lil baby Mikan. Just because. :cat4

Work has been going well and my coworkers are great. I recently got to work on a cool project… Cool in theory, haha. Who knows what’s coming up next.

I’ve gotten hardcore into gel nails again, so I’ll be probably writing a post on that. I got a tattoo as well…! Thinking of getting a year pass to USJ. Plus, now that summer is finally coming to an end I might end up actually leaving the house more. :cat2 Just need to remember to take pictures =) That’s doable. Until next time!


I’m still alive!

Posted on 14th, December, 2015

Wow, that was another long break! Since the last post I got to visit America for 3 weeks right after Korea. :cat2 I saw my pets and ate a ton of delicious unhealthy food. Came back to Osaka a bit heavier and with sadness all around me… Not even gonna lie, I had a faaaaairly rough summer. I didn’t have a job lined up for a while but quickly found some freelance stuff to do thanks to a friend. Now I’m basically full time doing something I have an interest in, and thus my life is a bit more stable right now :fa9 I even joined a gym! Which I haven’t gone to in quite a while.

Here is my favorite little Princess.

I got to meet Amy for the first time =D she loves attention :cat3

While in Florida me and my family got to go to Disney. The ONLY advantage of living in Florida is your friends always have free tickets :cat5

Oh, and this theme was made pretty much from scratch. I didn’t want to post a new update until I finished it… even though I still have a few more things to figure out. I kind of gave up on styling the comments section. It’s like inception in there :fa13 Now that my virtual Snorlax has cleared the path, I want to post a couple more times before the year is over!