Posted on 20th, November, 2016

I was 110% not expecting that result. Never in a million years could I have imagined. The most I could muster up upon messaging my family back home was “uhhhhh…” and “uhhhhhhhhhh…” Welp. I don’t even want to waste more time on it, ugh. 2016-2020 is officially canceled.

In the time between when I posted last, I came down with an interesting…predicament. To make a long story short, upon waking up one Saturday, a lot of things about my right were off. The first two doctors said it was sudden hearing loss and that recovery sometimes just doesn’t happen… I took steroids and got better for ONE day. Got a referral to go to a big facility and the doc there said it could be Meniere’s disease since it comes can goes. :fa21 I’ve experienced no vertigo symptoms, so I was, and still am, super confused about it all. The meds I was prescribed was a ridiculous amount of bitter syrup tubes. Right now I’m taking a 2-week break, hopefully by the next time I see the doctor my ear will still be fine.

And on to happier things— :cat2

I’ve been walking this lil bugger whenever I can.

She’s so easily distracted :cam

Halloween was very uneventful. I wasn’t feeling the Halloween spirit this year; it just kinda came and went. My friends and I got to do a bit of people watching in Amemura, and I was able to eat some Halloween-themed cake.

Hair Growth Update!!! :fa7

After doing the big chop about two years ago, I can say that the length is finally getting to where I want it to be. Unfortunately, the shrinkage is real. :fa16

And my diet? The thing I’ve been struggling the entire year over? Ugh… just when I start getting a few compliments, the ear thing I mentioned earlier decides to happen… So I ended up eating more than I would have had I not had to take that medicine.

I’ve had too much of this…

…and this…

Making it to Christmas with no more days eating out like this is my current goal. I should not be spending $20-$40 on dinner…especially when it’s not steak or lobster! Not to mention I’m sure that after breakfast and lunch, a 1500 calorie meal with coworkers just isn’t worth it in the end. :pt1



Posted on 29th, April, 2014

Last week I was in Tokyo again. I only had Saturday to roam around and decided to swing into 109 since my friend had never been there before. I forgot if it was B1 or B2 but we checked out the new PUNYUS store! They have some interesting stuff. Can’t really tell from that first picture but it was pretty packed and girls of all sizes were shopping. The store is pretty small though.

We didn’t try on any clothes. We ended up buying matching headbands (featured on me in the purikura picture further down). Is it just a headband? I don’t know what those things are called since this is my first time buying one. :fa3

Look at that! They just opened!

Earlier in the day we were searching for pancakes or a fancy cafe. It’s always the perfect time for breakfast with us :cat3 We wandered all over and went around in a big circle and couldn’t really find anything. The area we were in was right outside Shibuya station (H&M, Outback Steakhouse~ that area). There were sooo many izakayas. I figured we should have just stuck to the restaurant floor of a department store. We ended up going to Mee’s Pancake. Mmm mm it was good. :misc4

Definitely going back later this year.

Lastly, from Tokyo, the purikura pic that was sent to my phone.

Not the best shot but that’s the PUNYUS headband. Fried eggs pattern.

Back to Osaka: Finally… Mexican food
Back to Osaka: Finally… New computer

Obligatory computer blog coming up next. :cat5


Back to Fushimi Inari!

Posted on 10th, June, 2013

So, my friend is visiting for 3 days. We originally planned to just wander around Kyoto for most of the time but that is seeming to be a little impactical. We went today, though. After almost 4 years I got to go back to Fushimi Inari. I was so excited! Then.. we started to climb :fa21 we kept going up the stairs. They just never ended. The whole trip took us around 2 hours since we did dilly dally quite a bit. We made it to the top!!! :misc7 There were so few people up there.. mostly dead-tired and panting young couples.

After that we decided to head out to the Gion district. There were many Taiwanese and tourists from China =o it was interesting hearing all the different languages.. We walked around a bit and since we were starving we decided to give in and spend some big bucks in one of the restaurants in the area.

Hot sweaty mess but I was happy.
Could eat this every day..

Finally we got back to Kyoto station and walked around. I had NO IDEA how massive Kyoto station is! Holy crap. It’s so fancy. Makes Shin Osaka look like crap.. Heck, it makes Osaka station look like crap… My pictures don’t do it any justice but here’s a random pagoda..?

And to close off.. I wanted to post this picture because it’s hilarious. My other friend here looks like she already drank her whole can of Redbull when she totally didn’t yet.