I’m still alive!

Posted on 14th, December, 2015

Wow, that was another long break! Since the last post I got to visit America for 3 weeks right after Korea. :cat2 I saw my pets and ate a ton of delicious unhealthy food. Came back to Osaka a bit heavier and with sadness all around me… Not even gonna lie, I had a faaaaairly rough summer. I didn’t have a job lined up for a while but quickly found some freelance stuff to do thanks to a friend. Now I’m basically full time doing something I have an interest in, and thus my life is a bit more stable right now :fa9 I even joined a gym! Which I haven’t gone to in quite a while.

Here is my favorite little Princess.

I got to meet Amy for the first time =D she loves attention :cat3

While in Florida me and my family got to go to Disney. The ONLY advantage of living in Florida is your friends always have free tickets :cat5

Oh, and this theme was made pretty much from scratch. I didn’t want to post a new update until I finished it… even though I still have a few more things to figure out. I kind of gave up on styling the comments section. It’s like inception in there :fa13 Now that my virtual Snorlax has cleared the path, I want to post a couple more times before the year is over!


Owl and cat cafes!

Posted on 27th, July, 2014

Within the past week I’ve been to an owl cafe & cat cafe! :h5 The owl cafe was pretty much how I imagined and was a bit less casual than a cat cafe. We went to Fukuro no mise which is near Minami Morimachi station in Osaka. :cat2

There were many birds off to the side sleeping and doing their own thing.

It was 1000 yen to get in for 1 hour + drink. The menu is pretty okay.. drink were drinkable since even though it’s a ‘cafe’ 99% of your time will be walking around looking at the birds and holding them. You have to listen to the rules for about 5 to 10 minutes then the whole group gets to move over to the owls. They have them on a rotation system since the owls get stressed if they are handled too much. I kind of.. felt bad because obviously these birdies are not in their natural habitat :fa21

Yesterday was my birthday. I was with Yuukun all day and it was reaaaaally hot outside. I had the genius idea to drag him to another animal cafe. We went to gurguru-dou again! He likes animals but if it weren’t for me he said he would have never gone to a cat cafe. :cat3

This lil fella/lass came over and jumped on my lap 3 times! I was so happy. Kitty was also kneading a lot of dough :fa18

I think that’ll be it for these animal cafes for the year.

I had a great birthday! A few of my good friends and I went to Outback Steak house and ate a lot.
Somehow I mustered up the energy to go to karaoke for about an hour. It was fun even in zombie mode.
I got a pair of cute earrings from Yuukun at the Tenjin Matsuri on Friday. :h1

Today’s plan is to relax, do my work out DVD, and game on. :tyasumi


Osaka cat cafe

Posted on 08th, February, 2013

Kitties! Actually, I’ve only been to two cat cafes. One cat cafe in Nagoya and one in Osaka. There was definitely a slight difference in quality between them. The one in Nagoya was pretty ok but the one in Osaka was pretty nice so I’ll talk about that one.

Here is the official site: 猫カフェぐるぐる堂 (Neko Cafe Guruguru-dou). Since these places are actually cafes you can order drinks too. I got some sort of lassi drink and it was amazing. My friend got chai tea and uttered the same sentiments.

The place was pretty packed when we went and seating was limited. Some of the kitties there didn’t seem to want to be there.. Luckily they had high places to go and keep to themselves. Some of the cats are pretty playful and were just running and rolling around.

I donno, it’s pretty hard to take pictures of cats. They move right when you snap a picture ;(

D’aawww, this last one was my favorite.. We turned on the tap so he/she could drink.

I believe we stayed for about an hour and it was around 1300 yen per person with drink included.

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