Petitor L Nail Drill

Posted on 25th, April, 2017

I’ve been doing my own gel nails for a few years, then gradually became more and more irritated with the process. It’s not like I was bored with doing my own nails, quite the opposite. :h4 I love doing my own gel nails because they make my nails super strong, super shiny, and I have the freedom to use all kinds of colors and stones. :cat2

The part that I absolutely HATE is when it’s time to take them off. I don’t do fill ins since I don’t use acrylic, just soak off gel. I have a cheap $20 drill that only comes with the little brown bands and it’s simply too weak and doesn’t really speed up the removal process. I tried using the appropriate nail files (150, 180 grit) and doing it that way, but that also takes forever. Getting the gel down to the base in some spots on all fingers takes around 1.5 hours, using acetone in a foil wrap then extends it to another hour or so. Basically I had to sacrifice entire evenings/nights after work or take up the time on the weekend. Not to mention after re-wrapping and waiting, once I finally got all the gel off my nails would feel suuuuper brittle and sensitive. :fa10

I have a bunch of tools, awesome gel colors, a fancy light, and I couldn’t let the off process deter me from doing my nails… So I decided to take the plunge and bought a real nail drill. :fa20 I purchased a Petitor L! This is probably the most affordable capable nail drill. It comes with a few different bits including a gold bit which is great for getting a lot of gel off fast.

I thought the black version looked sleek.

The speed is adjustable and so is the direction of the bit, which is super helpful.

Here are the specs:
Colors: Black, Pink, Silver
Weight: 80 grams
Size: 123mm×φ22.5mm
Speed: 6000~20500RPM
Price: 9,670 yen ($90)

I took a little video to show how fast and easy it is to use! :cam2

Since doing this video I took off the green gel and it took 1 episode of Gotham (about 45 mins)! That’s a huge improvement from 2+ hours… When they were off, my nails didn’t have that terrible brittle feel. I’m not quite there yet, but it’s possible to take off all the gel, including base gel, without having to use acetone.

That’s about it, so I’ll just leave some of my favorite gel nail instagrams here :cat5

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