Osaka cat cafe

Posted on 08th, February, 2013

Kitties! Actually, I’ve only been to two cat cafes. One cat cafe in Nagoya and one in Osaka. There was definitely a slight difference in quality between them. The one in Nagoya was pretty ok but the one in Osaka was pretty nice so I’ll talk about that one.

Here is the official site: 猫カフェぐるぐる堂 (Neko Cafe Guruguru-dou). Since these places are actually cafes you can order drinks too. I got some sort of lassi drink and it was amazing. My friend got chai tea and uttered the same sentiments.

The place was pretty packed when we went and seating was limited. Some of the kitties there didn’t seem to want to be there.. Luckily they had high places to go and keep to themselves. Some of the cats are pretty playful and were just running and rolling around.

I donno, it’s pretty hard to take pictures of cats. They move right when you snap a picture ;(

D’aawww, this last one was my favorite.. We turned on the tap so he/she could drink.

I believe we stayed for about an hour and it was around 1300 yen per person with drink included.

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First post! Updates~

Posted on 05th, February, 2013

Hi, again! I’m back with a totally new domain. Me and my sister tried to have a site together but our interests just clash a bit too much. I wanted another fresh start. Fresh starts are awesome. Spent a while searching for a name and settled on pklove…

why pklove? It’s one of the strongest moves in Mother 3.. Yep.

Can you believe it’s already February? I’ve had a plague of health issues hit one after another so far. Exactly like last year. Sick at the beginning of January with a cold until early February. This time I was not only sick with a cold for a long time, I also got pink eye. It was more like red eye. I thought it was maybe an infection from old makeup or something but the doc said I have allergies.

The eye drops I got worked but they have run out. I ran to the drugstore looking for over the counter stuff and bought these things. I was looking for antihistamines.. surprised to see some for contacts!!

Exciting right?

This is just a quick, sort of sloppy post. I wanted to get it published before bed (in a few minutes).

I’m definitely suffering from senioritis at this point. I’m eyeing Osaka like a hawk.