Decluttering makeup

Posted on 04th, December, 2016

FINALLY DID SOME DECLUTTERING! :fa19 I’ve been holding on to sooo much makeup that I never use…mostly out of guilt. Throwing away stuff that’s hardly used is actually pretty tough. There’s always that lingering “what if I need it one day?” thought. It felt good to finally part with some of it. Doing the same to clothes and shoes is my next step.

This is just about all* of the makeup I have left.
*forgot to include the shu uemura shupette palette :24

Foundations/face stuff


Lips… So much Colourpop…

Eyeshadow primers/eyebrows/eyeshadows


So, I still have a ton of lip products, but it’s more manageable than before. Besides the items I never reached for, there were some old and suspicious smelling items in there that just needed to be thrown out anyway. I feel like all of these items have served their purpose in my makeup collection… Now I have more of an idea of what not to get.

And I’m not saying that these products were bad! Most of them were perfectly fine—they just got beat out by other products or I didn’t like how the color looked on me. I’d say everything except the lip tints and Jill Stuart foundation/green base was average to great.

Here is what I decided to get rid of.

Some of the items, like the lip pencils, will be sold/passed on.

I took a video while sorting through the stuff and it turned out to be pretty long, so I don’t know if I should even bother. Hmmm…

Oh yes, I’ve been thinking about proper skin care a lot lately. My God, so this is what happens to some people around 30… :fa10 It’s not even like my skin is that much different than it was five years ago, I still have almost the same issues. I’m thinking it’s more of a preventative kind of thing. My idea is to find the perfect gentle cleanser (pH balancing), a toner (acid), and a super lux face oil (on its way).

Another super awesome way to help your skin: water, water, water.
You’d think I’d take my own advice. :misc7

*Cough* I’ll just sneak this in here…

So tempted to sneak in another ramen picture for my next blog post. :cat3 Why not. I love tonkotsu ramen. :pt1

These Snoopy donuts from Mister Donut… I cannot.

Aww yeah. See you again around Christmas time? Maybe? =)



Posted on 20th, November, 2016

I was 110% not expecting that result. Never in a million years could I have imagined. The most I could muster up upon messaging my family back home was “uhhhhh…” and “uhhhhhhhhhh…” Welp. I don’t even want to waste more time on it, ugh. 2016-2020 is officially canceled.

In the time between when I posted last, I came down with an interesting…predicament. To make a long story short, upon waking up one Saturday, a lot of things about my right were off. The first two doctors said it was sudden hearing loss and that recovery sometimes just doesn’t happen… I took steroids and got better for ONE day. Got a referral to go to a big facility and the doc there said it could be Meniere’s disease since it comes can goes. :fa21 I’ve experienced no vertigo symptoms, so I was, and still am, super confused about it all. The meds I was prescribed was a ridiculous amount of bitter syrup tubes. Right now I’m taking a 2-week break, hopefully by the next time I see the doctor my ear will still be fine.

And on to happier things— :cat2

I’ve been walking this lil bugger whenever I can.

She’s so easily distracted :cam

Halloween was very uneventful. I wasn’t feeling the Halloween spirit this year; it just kinda came and went. My friends and I got to do a bit of people watching in Amemura, and I was able to eat some Halloween-themed cake.

Hair Growth Update!!! :fa7

After doing the big chop about two years ago, I can say that the length is finally getting to where I want it to be. Unfortunately, the shrinkage is real. :fa16

And my diet? The thing I’ve been struggling the entire year over? Ugh… just when I start getting a few compliments, the ear thing I mentioned earlier decides to happen… So I ended up eating more than I would have had I not had to take that medicine.

I’ve had too much of this…

…and this…

Making it to Christmas with no more days eating out like this is my current goal. I should not be spending $20-$40 on dinner…especially when it’s not steak or lobster! Not to mention I’m sure that after breakfast and lunch, a 1500 calorie meal with coworkers just isn’t worth it in the end. :pt1


What comes next?

Posted on 13th, September, 2016

I miss when blogging used to be a thing. I always come back to this blog while thinking “oh yeah…” :misc7

It’s not even like I don’t have anything to write about, I just feel pressure? Like the pressure to have nice pics ready and to write enough so that my posts are more than 5 tweets. And speaking of tweets, twitter and other social media sites also probably plays a roll in the neglect of this blog.

Anyway, I have some rough drafts written out and I’ll be forcing myself to take new pictures. I actually ended up selling my Casio camera, so now all I have is my Galaxy s7 edge. The s7 edge takes amazing pictures and great video (when still).

With all that being said, I still love the idea of having my own site, so I don’t think I’ll ever stop =D

And here’s a picture of sweet lil baby Mikan. Just because. :cat4

Work has been going well and my coworkers are great. I recently got to work on a cool project… Cool in theory, haha. Who knows what’s coming up next.

I’ve gotten hardcore into gel nails again, so I’ll be probably writing a post on that. I got a tattoo as well…! Thinking of getting a year pass to USJ. Plus, now that summer is finally coming to an end I might end up actually leaving the house more. :cat2 Just need to remember to take pictures =) That’s doable. Until next time!