Decluttering makeup

Posted on 04th, December, 2016

FINALLY DID SOME DECLUTTERING! :fa19 I’ve been holding on to sooo much makeup that I never use…mostly out of guilt. Throwing away stuff that’s hardly used is actually pretty tough. There’s always that lingering “what if I need it one day?” thought. It felt good to finally part with some of it. Doing the same to clothes and shoes is my next step.

This is just about all* of the makeup I have left.
*forgot to include the shu uemura shupette palette :24

Foundations/face stuff


Lips… So much Colourpop…

Eyeshadow primers/eyebrows/eyeshadows


So, I still have a ton of lip products, but it’s more manageable than before. Besides the items I never reached for, there were some old and suspicious smelling items in there that just needed to be thrown out anyway. I feel like all of these items have served their purpose in my makeup collection… Now I have more of an idea of what not to get.

And I’m not saying that these products were bad! Most of them were perfectly fine—they just got beat out by other products or I didn’t like how the color looked on me. I’d say everything except the lip tints and Jill Stuart foundation/green base was average to great.

Here is what I decided to get rid of.

Some of the items, like the lip pencils, will be sold/passed on.

I took a video while sorting through the stuff and it turned out to be pretty long, so I don’t know if I should even bother. Hmmm…

Oh yes, I’ve been thinking about proper skin care a lot lately. My God, so this is what happens to some people around 30… :fa10 It’s not even like my skin is that much different than it was five years ago, I still have almost the same issues. I’m thinking it’s more of a preventative kind of thing. My idea is to find the perfect gentle cleanser (pH balancing), a toner (acid), and a super lux face oil (on its way).

Another super awesome way to help your skin: water, water, water.
You’d think I’d take my own advice. :misc7

*Cough* I’ll just sneak this in here…

So tempted to sneak in another ramen picture for my next blog post. :cat3 Why not. I love tonkotsu ramen. :pt1

These Snoopy donuts from Mister Donut… I cannot.

Aww yeah. See you again around Christmas time? Maybe? =)