Nose piercing in Japan

Posted on 01st, July, 2016

I got my nose pierced here in Japan in January of this year. Japan has limited options when it comes to tattoos and non-ear piercings. I at least knew that “beauty” clinics did nose piercings, so that’s what I went with. :fa23 I found a place in Umeda after searching around the internet and made a reservation.

When I got to the clinic, I was moved to a little room to sign papers and to choose a stud. They only had 4, and 1 was a nose-screw. I wanted the nose-screw because I wasn’t going to risk it accidentally coming out. After I wiped off the makeup from the right side of my nose they gave me a marker to mark where I wanted the piercing. Onto the next room, which looked like it was for surgeries. To my surprise, a doctor and about 4 nurses were waiting for me…

They made me lie on my back, put a thin cloth over my eyes and gave me 2 injections, over and under. Before I knew it, they pierced my nose with a piercing needle but couldn’t get the actual stud in. The doctor commented that my nose was “thicker” than he was expecting. Yay. :fa16 The second attempt didn’t work out either. I was getting a little worried and the numbing effect was slightly subsiding, but I never experienced real pain. They switched out the piercing for a longer one and the third attempt worked. At this point I was drinking my own blood…you know, lying on my pack on the third attempt and all. :fa21

I stood up after the 5 minute process and the nurses started to explain how to care of the piercing. They told me that because of the local anesthetic, my nose was swollen and that would make the piercing sink. They said to keep pushing the piercing out if it started to sink. I got some drops to help with healing and to ward off infections. The total cost was 12000 yen / $120.

Regardless, I felt really good about the piercing and the general look. :h4 I always knew that my nose was lonely! My nose was pretty red for a couple days, but never was painful or sore. I think I was expecting it to hurt, maybe it just depends on the person.

I had a lot of issues with sinking and the very last thing I wanted to do was to take the piercing out because of it.

Mirrored image, it’s actually on the right. In this pic it is completely flat.

I would wake up every day with the piercing sunken in, push it out, then occasionally push it out throughout the rest of the day. I tried sea salt soaks, tried keeping it pushed out with cotton, but I’d always wake up with it sunken in. Maybe it sunk because the hole was bigger than usual since they had to go in 3 times…that’s what I feel really happened.

Mirrored image, it’s actually on the right. This time it’s sticking out halfway.

After about a month, I started trying to push it out so that quite a bit of the stem of the piercing was visible. The sinking issue seemed to have been improving, but the stud would never really stay all the way out. Eventually I noticed that it was resting up at an angle. With that being said, I think I also over cleaned it and that irritated it until a small purpleish color appeared around the stud one day. I immediately knew it would turn into the dreaded bump.

It occasionally got worse than this :fa6

The bump was fully formed a couple days later. :fa10 I tried everything to make it go away – washing it twice a day, sea salt soaks, tea tree oil, aspirin paste, and witch hazel. The bump would get slightly smaller and then get bigger. It never went away completely. About a month later I was really mad at it for some reason and took to it with some tweezers… :fa22 That’s not really something I would recommend, btw… Well, it healed up and was smaller, but it was still there. It also got so big that it was bigger and more noticeable than my stud. I did a lot of searching online but saw no pictures like my own.

Eventually, I just decided to leave it alone. Totally avoided touching it, washed my face once a day and didn’t touch it, and I would use some witch hazel on my face after. For some reason the bump started to shrink and it completely disappeared. I still can’t believe how it just kind of vanished. Now my nose piercing is sticking out exactly how it should be.

I don’t regret getting it done, even though the healing process was such a giant pain. :pt1