Maquillage liquid rouge

Posted on 11th, March, 2015

And onto makeup :fa4

A few months ago I caved in and bought a lip color from Maquillage since it got such great reviews. It came with a powder foundation sample and blotting paper.

Essence Glamorous Rouge NEO in color PK323 -> Official product description

The powder was very nice and easy to apply, super fast. No idea how much it retails for but if it’s around 3000 yen that’d be reasonable. Pore coverage is amazing. :cat2

The lip color is AMAZING. It lives up to the mountain of great reviews. Not sticky and stays on until you eat. I thought the color was a little on the red side since I really like pale pinks but I’ve gotten used it. It’s a color I don’t have and I actually like it. Surprised. It cost a pretty penny too but I can see why: High quality color that doesn’t settle into creases and lasts for a long time.

It makes whatever flaw on your lips disappear. It completely hides dryness and provides moisture.

This is probably the best lip color product I have ever used in my life. Totally worth the price.

The applicator is great. Fluffy and the tip is good for precision

Unfortunately my camera doesn’t pic up the color accurately.