Owl and cat cafes!

Posted on 27th, July, 2014

Within the past week I’ve been to an owl cafe & cat cafe! :h5 The owl cafe was pretty much how I imagined and was a bit less casual than a cat cafe. We went to Fukuro no mise which is near Minami Morimachi station in Osaka. :cat2

There were many birds off to the side sleeping and doing their own thing.

It was 1000 yen to get in for 1 hour + drink. The menu is pretty okay.. drink were drinkable since even though it’s a ‘cafe’ 99% of your time will be walking around looking at the birds and holding them. You have to listen to the rules for about 5 to 10 minutes then the whole group gets to move over to the owls. They have them on a rotation system since the owls get stressed if they are handled too much. I kind of.. felt bad because obviously these birdies are not in their natural habitat :fa21

Yesterday was my birthday. I was with Yuukun all day and it was reaaaaally hot outside. I had the genius idea to drag him to another animal cafe. We went to gurguru-dou again! He likes animals but if it weren’t for me he said he would have never gone to a cat cafe. :cat3

This lil fella/lass came over and jumped on my lap 3 times! I was so happy. Kitty was also kneading a lot of dough :fa18

I think that’ll be it for these animal cafes for the year.

I had a great birthday! A few of my good friends and I went to Outback Steak house and ate a lot.
Somehow I mustered up the energy to go to karaoke for about an hour. It was fun even in zombie mode.
I got a pair of cute earrings from Yuukun at the Tenjin Matsuri on Friday. :h1

Today’s plan is to relax, do my work out DVD, and game on. :tyasumi