Hair update

Posted on 23rd, December, 2013

It’s been a while since my last blog post about how fried and short my hair got.

Since this summer I’ve been going to the same salon my friend goes to in order to get my hair straightened via Japanese straight perm.. aka 縮毛矯正. Probably a good 5 inches of my hair has been straightened that way. The older hair was straightened long ago with American box perms. So, basically my ends have been chemically altered in 2 different ways..

This photo was taken after washing and hot ironing my hair the same week I got it done at the salon. I finally cut my hair around a month ago. Even so, it still seems to be growing. I’m starting to get obsessed because as recently as a couple weeks ago my hair was dry and breaking. This was mostly due to the fact that I don’t take care of my hair enough… I’ve come to that realization.

Steps that might be helpful:

1. Wrap hair in silk at night to keep moisture and to tame unruly strands
2. Deep condition once a week
3. Co-wash hair..
4. Make the first and only pass over with a hot iron count
5. Use curlers to flatten hair and avoid heat

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More pointless shopping!

Posted on 17th, December, 2013

What’s been going on cracker jacks? How about that new Beyonce album. Solid stuff!

So, nothing much has changed overall… I dunno. Successfully rid myself of certain unnecessary people/situations… :fa21 :fa5 (spelled unnecessary correctly in one go!) So umm, yeah. Nothing exciting happening at all so I compensate with shopping for crap I don’t need. What’s new?

I’ve been really meaning to take pictures of the Christmas displays they have going around the Hankyu department store in Umeda. It’d be nice if I made gif versions because everything in the display moves!

Bought something that wasn’t an accessory from Jouetie… God, I love that store but it’s so expensive…

Thankfully with these my thurst has been quenched. In a way I prefer Prada candy. They’re like total opposites.

White was sold out. OF COURSE. =(

Really tired of puttering around stores to find the perfect item only for it to be the only thing sold out. That’s been happening a lot lately.

I don’t know what else to blog about. :24

Basically on vacation until the second week of January. Osaka is where it’s at so I’m not really planning on going anywhere. :cat5

One last thing! These videos are killing me.

A couple youtube comments.
ママの声父の声ににてるわー “Mama’s voice sounds like my dad’s”
OLさん酔って左に傾いてるのおもろいw “I like how the office lady tilts her head cuz she drunk”

Even if you can’t understand Jpn it’s still funny cuz it sounds like a real convo.
Just found about it! These videos are ‘peeping life’.. lawd