Trip to Minoo.. Oh, and SEX冠!!

Posted on 27th, November, 2013

Finally was able to get out there and see some fall leaves. Apparently so was everyone else… we were like salmon swimming upstream the whole time, but it was fun. We had plans to go to an owl cafe after the trip to the waterfall but it was closing time :fa6 maybe next time..

I got sick the same night =( I blame it on the waterfall!

Mmm, that’s it for that.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to concert. I requested a day off to see SEX MACHINEGUNS and The KANMURI. This is the second time I’ve seen them together. Fricken insane. These ossan have so much energy. There was definitely a difference in crowd interaction which I was surprised to see.

Most people were there for Machineguns and when SMG talked about The Kanmuri the crowd’s reactions were always quiet and awkward… but when The Kanmuri came out to play EVERYONE knew all their songs and were going crazy so I don’t get it..

This is probably in my top 3 songs to see them perform. FLAW FREE.

Ohhh! I finally bought a bike! Just need to actually use it..