Posted on 28th, October, 2013

With about 4 hours of sleep under my belt I went to work and then completed the paper work for my new place on Saturday. In the evening I met up with some friends.

Kyojin mask~ almost 6000 yen…

We gave up on entering giraffe (club) after seeing the line to get it in… instead we went into Donkihote to window shop. I ran into some coworkers and talked to for quite some time! Donki is a magical place.

Of course a friend forced us to stay out all night… Basically that was another night were I got around 3 hours of sleep. It was a fun night, I can’t lie. It’s also been a while since we took purikura.

There weren’t that many scary costumes, as you can probably imagine.

We found all the waldos in Osaka


Moving within Osaka city… and naaails.

Posted on 21st, October, 2013

I’m moving, yet again. :24 Thankfully I don’t own anything so it’ll be a relatively easy move. I found a place in Namba which is pretty much EXACTLY where I’ve always wanted to live. This is a SORT-OF-FINAL move.. :fa5 as in the only way I’ll ever move again is going back to America or getting married.. or if I die or something. It’s a little over a 5 minute walk to JR Nanba / Marui / Takashimya / Namba Parks which is preemptively making my wallet weep. :fa6

It looks small but it’s quite spacious~ Perfect size for what I need.

From Okayama, to Nagoya, to the Shin Osaka area… finally to Nanba =D I actually don’t like spelling it “Namba”. Urg

Anyway, this is going to be a very short update. I’ll take pictures and such when I move in and get situated. In the meantime I’ve been changing up my nails quite a bit.

Here are my current nails.

secret Candy Magic in black =D comfortable lenses, terrible picture quality

My friend has been acting as my guinea pig for nail designs.. :h7 Previous example. Probably going to end up doing friends’ nails for super cheap. Compare 1000 yen to 5000 at the salon! :fa15 It’s just a hobby for me.

Colors are washed out thanks to camera… it’s pastel purple with pink & white shinys

and I’m still playing Monster Hunter 4. Clocking in at around 42 hours so far and haven’t scratched the surface.

My favorite monster is currently at a friend’s house chilling at the top of a shelf :fa21

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