Makeup splurge…

Posted on 11th, August, 2013

Today I started my semi week long vacation~ Feels good man. A friend happened to drop by Osaka from Nagoya for a the weekend. He wanted to go to some fortune teller at 10:00 am! That’s wayyyy too early for me.. we met around 1pm and ate yummy Korean food. After that he had to go back to Nagoya so I went to the Hankyu building in Osaka to stock up on makeup. :cat3

People that know me know that my skin is incredible.. it’s the craziest combination of everything that could go wrong with a face. Meaning that the flaws I have AREN’T extreme but there are MANY different types of them. Also, sweating in this heat just makes my makeup melt off.

I’m usually an NC20 but I bought a shade darker (NC25) because my face does not match my neck in photos :fa21 I told the girl at the counter my plight and she convinced me to let her do a full face of makeup on me! It worked out lovely. I was so impressed. I guess I got slightly tanned from always walking out in the sun.

She said prep & prime is good for helping the foundation keep, and that since I requested more coverage, I could dust on the powder foundation after that as well. Worked like a charm. I sweated my way through the day and my makeup is still perfect! :misc6 There are lots of Japanese brands to choose from but MAC just works for me, so I’m probably just going to stick to that. :h5

The lipstick from Shu Uemura is “M PK 345”, which is a matte pink and apparently a very new color. It’s super cute. Unfortunately, no pics of me wearing it. I’ll have to take some in the future.

Tomorrow is going to be another day out. Me and a friend are going to have a study session in Umeda :D I’m excited!!!

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