Hello, Galaxy s4

Posted on 23rd, June, 2013

お久しぶり! A few days ago I broke my contract with AU to switch to docomo. It was another sort of big thing I did on impulse. Docomo is the only carrier with Galaxy s4 phones! Basically, I grew really tired of the iPhone and iOS.. It was not a fun process. I found out that I had an outstanding balance with SoftBank from when I was an exchange student too. There were a few times I had to be on the phone to request certain info and to confirm certain things. I don’t like doing that sort of stuff in Japanese but somehow it all worked out. Thank God the SoftBank bill was only around 2000 yen.

I’m super impressed. The screeeen. It’s also a lot lighter than it looks. Actually, sometimes the screen looks fake to me because it’s so sharp and perfect. The camera is also excellent. The phone came packed with useless overly complicated proprietary software, of course. :fa12 But it’s all good.

Been messing around with the settings and such a lot. The live wallpapers are pretty nice. Here are 2 that were recently bought.

It’s annoyingly adorable. They do little actions when you tap them.
Here’s a link to the wallpaper

This one, while a little gaudy, looks pretty posh when it’s running. Butterfly wings flap and such.
Here’s a link to the wallpaper

Another reason why I changed is because I give up on getting the zr1000 camera. It’s been sold out for the past 2 months without a hope of ever being restocked. It is literally never in stock at Yodobashi camera or biccamera. Terrible. :fa16

So, at the end of the whole process of phone switching and presenting all these official documents I was left super confused because they gave me a gift card loaded with 20,000 yen. I couldn’t help but wonder what the catch was. Apparently when you change over it’s a gift they give you to sort of balance out the cancellation fees from your previous carrier. Okaaay…

Ha, so far I’ve been with SoftBank, AU, and docomo. :misc6

Anywho, nightmare fueled week will be commencing starting tomorrow. I’m going to try to trick myself into being positive. :cat2


Back to Fushimi Inari!

Posted on 10th, June, 2013

So, my friend is visiting for 3 days. We originally planned to just wander around Kyoto for most of the time but that is seeming to be a little impactical. We went today, though. After almost 4 years I got to go back to Fushimi Inari. I was so excited! Then.. we started to climb :fa21 we kept going up the stairs. They just never ended. The whole trip took us around 2 hours since we did dilly dally quite a bit. We made it to the top!!! :misc7 There were so few people up there.. mostly dead-tired and panting young couples.

After that we decided to head out to the Gion district. There were many Taiwanese and tourists from China =o it was interesting hearing all the different languages.. We walked around a bit and since we were starving we decided to give in and spend some big bucks in one of the restaurants in the area.

Hot sweaty mess but I was happy.
Could eat this every day..

Finally we got back to Kyoto station and walked around. I had NO IDEA how massive Kyoto station is! Holy crap. It’s so fancy. Makes Shin Osaka look like crap.. Heck, it makes Osaka station look like crap… My pictures don’t do it any justice but here’s a random pagoda..?

And to close off.. I wanted to post this picture because it’s hilarious. My other friend here looks like she already drank her whole can of Redbull when she totally didn’t yet.