Japanese vloggers & latest music addiction

Posted on 21st, May, 2013

Wow! Back to back posting! Yeah! I tweaked the layout a bit too. Totally into peachy orangey colors for spring/summer. I’ve been a bit out of the know when it comes to this whole HTML5 thing… and the way sites are coded these days… so… many… custom…attributes… :fa12

Today Tonight I would like to share 3 vloggers that I follow.

Choicerish She usually does makeup tutorials. Sometimes she’ll do a very natural look and other times a very made up look. She also uses a lot of western products and drugstore stuff.

ARIKEITA113 He talks really fast but it’s great listening practices. He uploads rather frequently with talk about news, tech, pop culture, etc. I haven’t found any other Japanese vloggers that do videos in his style. (Ha, he’s telling it how it is with AKB in this video too. Word.)

nanairomiso *cough* This is my friend’s channel and she gives good advice, mmkay?

Onto this music addiction. It’s just one song.

Artist: SiM (official site)
Genre: Punk & Reggae… ska?

Now, this isn’t the type of music I usually listen to. I’ve never really been too receptive of punk. Listening to this song reminded me of stuff I heard in high school and college back in America.. It’s just that… this particular song grabs you in with that opening. The influences of reggae and his vocals are also another thing I like. I showed it to my sister and she said it’s a cool song and eloquently stated that certain parts sound like ‘white people music’. Busted out laughing.

Just wanted to get this short blog post off my shoulders. :fa19

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Posted on 19th, May, 2013

I’m back with another update! On Friday I saw EXILE at the Kyocera Dome. I got there about an hour before it started and made a beeline straight to the goods section. I knew I wasn’t going to buy a lot of stuff. I only ended up getting the long towel and hat. I forgot to buy the flag. TERRIBLE. Every one had one except me.. I was waving around my towel instead. :fa21

Perfect for going out in the ongoing heat that will be this summer.

Wore my sandaime shirt! and my old EXILE TRIBE TOWER OF WISH bag.

My seats were pretty decent but I’ve decided to not renew my fanclub membership. For the J Soul Brothers concert I won the first fanclub lottery for tickets… same with this time around and it seems to have nothing to do with your seats. I was pretty far in the back for the JSB concert.. you’d think it would be first come first serve but it’s not. What’s the point of the fanclub? I have no idea. :h3

Ginormous! There was also a big screen to the right.

On to the show itself! Basically, it was another flawless show. :tlove Like what does that statement even mean? There’s not much I can write on here to persuade anyone into the fandom. It seems like EXILE has very few international fans. I didn’t see any obvious foreigners again. I don’t get it. *shrug* During the concert there were people hanging from the ceiling, giant floating beach ball things that the whole stadium passed around, and for the encore a GIGANTIC action figure came out from the stage :fa15 The members moved throughout the arena on their own platforms. Seriously! Not a dip in the energy from these guys!

This was basically the setlist.
THE SECOND was awesooooome! Only two songs but it was fun!

See, the reason why I like EXILE is because they go hard! They have the vocals, personality, and can dance in sync. Mmmmmkay?

Yeah, that’s all I have to say. Freaking perfect. Next time I’ll definitely be going with a friend.

In other news I’m thinking of going to Korea later this year.
& finally bought an N2 study book!


Fun in Umeda & Nanba

Posted on 02nd, May, 2013

Yesterday was a rare early to rise day~ I made an appointment earlier this week to get my nails done. When it came time to decide on a design it was tough. If I just wanted plain color it would have been more expensive than glitter gradation. Why is a wash of color around 3800??! :fa16

I went the cheapo route and got glitter gradation for 2800. Not bad.


After moving and all that, there is still a ton of stuff I have to do. I paid my gigantic residence tax bill, I’m in the process of changing my address on my residence card.. then I have to change my visa. FUN FUN FUN. So, as I was rummaging through my wallet I noticed my residence card was missing… Then I remembered I had it photocopied the other day at a convenience store. Thankfully I was able to call them and go pick it up. *sigh* I’m a 25 year old, btw. :24

Anyway, I met up with a friend from training and we wandered around Umeda for a while. Grand Front Osaka just opened up and it was insane. Completely unenjoyable since everyone turns into a sardine as we just go with the flow. Crowded beyond capacity. We circled one floor and ran for the exit. :fa18

My friend pointed out the ferris wheel at HEP FIVE! I was up for that. Never been on that one before.

At HEP 5 we ate at the korean place again. :misc4 Soooo good!

AND finally, got on the ferris wheel! Here’s a pic of the sunset.

For pretty much the entire day I wore my trusty pair of wedges. It’s amazing how my feet didn’t start to hurt until later on that night. I bought flats at H&M and my feet felt slightly better.

We planned to go to a club but that didn’t work out. My friend was pretty caught up in the amazing streets of Nanba, haha. There was a lot to see either way.

I think this was custard and caramel.. it was good but I couldn’t taste any caramel!

Luckily there was an arcade / purikura center right around the crepe stand. My friend had never taken purikura before so it was quite the experience. :cat3

There was nothing wrong with my eye but I liked that NG!! sign there

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