Mini makeup haul

Posted on 29th, April, 2013

Yesterday I was determined to get out and stock up on a few new makeup items. Finally! :cat4

1. Fiancee body mist (Shampoo fragrance)
2. Canmake polish x 3 (#10, #65, base coat)
3. Canmake Cheek & Cheek blush (#01)
4. Canmake Stay-On Balm Rouge (#02 orange)
5. KATE stick concealer (light beige)
6. REVLON Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain x 2 (#35, #40)

Here they are out of the packaging.

Got quite a few samples too! :cat2

I’m wearing the REVLON balm stains right now! Pretty solid stuff. I heard after a few days they really dry you lips out… I don’t plan to wear them everyday though. The blush is also great. I was debating on dropping a small fortune on an RMK blush but decided to just go with good old canmake.

After buying those three nail polishes what does this genius do? Well, I booked an appointment with a nail salon for Wednesday. Under 3000 for gel nails sounds pretty decent to me. :tlove

Also went to UNIQLO and bought a few things there. I’m always complaining about ‘being broke’. Part of me is just shopping like this to be happy. I’m always running into financial road blocks… I mean. I’m okay! But there’s always some huge bill that pops up out of no where and it’s really bugging me. I don’t think there’s a problem spending 5,000 yen every few months on random makeup and such.. I’m talking about the surprise 30,000 fee for something that happened a year ago. Then the school loan repayment is always looming in the background.. etc etc. Then I get depressed but you know what? I have one life to live. I can’t penny pinch my whole youth away! :pt1

In closing, look at this boss gelato! Caramel on the top and coffee on the bottom


Blah blah personal vanity blah

Posted on 26th, April, 2013

My makeup & fashion game is so weak. I hardly have any shoes… a friend asked me to go clubbing and what do you know. I have no clothes suitable for any kind of clubbing! :fa16 I also have to re-examine my current batch of makeup. A few things need throwing out and replacing.

Anyone got any recommendations for a good (affordable) concealer? I’ve never REALLY used concealer in my makeup routine and if anyone needs to hide spots IT’S ME, son.

Been hearing nothing but praise for RMK blushes but my wallet might be more inclined to good old canmake.

My hair game is also weak. I have one more pack of hair straightener. After that’s done I think I’ll switch over to getting it straightened in a salon. I have two friends who actually get their hair straightened here! I thought it wouldn’t work out for our hair.. but apparently it does. :fa17

It’s called 縮毛矯正 (shukumoukyousei)
Sooo, it’s basically just a ‘straight perm’. :fa15

As of now, I still don’t have a scale or measuring tape. My sister bought this DVD –

After a week her cellulite has pretty much disappeared o.0 but she hasn’t seen any change in her figure yet. It’s only been a week! She’s going at it hard core though. Much more hardcore than I could. I managed to do half of it the first time before I had to go to work. I thought it was nothing until I was in pain the next day! :fa18 That was surprising.

In my never ending weight loss journey I don’t know what kind of progress has been made. I just came off a nightmarish 2 week training session for my new job and now that I have time to sleep and eat properly I’ve been doing the exercises. It’s hard for me since my right knee hates me. Is it normal to have one bad knee? A lot of the workout consists of squats, which I am fine with, it’s just that my knee starts to ache.

& in other news! Salad addiction! Whaaaat. I never really had anything against salads.. just never went for them when buying food. Now I’d like to eat a salad every doggone day. Rice has disappeared from my diet as well. I’ll just stir up some beef, onions, green peppers and eat that. One reason is that I’m too lazy to cook the rice, another reason is that I don’t have any rice. :thaha Sooo, hopefully that changes something.

Ah, it never ends. :cat3


Wanted but not needed

Posted on 24th, April, 2013

Woah, it’s been a while!! :fa21 Time is definitely a necessity for me when it comes to blogging here. I’ve opened up this draft sooo many times that I’m just forcing myself to finish it this time. It’s not even a long blog..

1. CASIO EX-ZR1000 (White) a little under $300 from Yodobashi camera or Biccamera.

But I already have a camera! It’s starting to show it’s age.. I think. The consistency in photo quality is also all over the place. These days I just try to just stick to ‘auto’, but sometimes photos just come out super blurry and are blurry around the edges. Now the thing with the RZ1000 is that there is a built in ‘makeup’ filter mode. :fa7 Awwww yeah. The screen also swivels out to make selca super easy. That probably makes taking videos easy as you can see exactly what’s recording/going on on the screen.

2. Taiyaki grill $14 online or in stores.

Not the best taiyaki design but I’d take it

Imagine being able to make your own taiyaki whenever you want! I’d have a routine down. I like custard so that would also be on a list of things to learn how to make.


I’m sick of my iphone -> Firstworldproblems =( The bigger the screen the better… to a certain point. The design is nice and simple too.

4. Black pair of Litas

They don’t even have to be ‘real’ Jeffrey Campbell ones.

Basically I like my clothes black and my electronics white :misc3

Hmm, guess that’s it… I can’t really think of anything else that’s specific.

The schedule for my jerb is sooooo weird. It has it’s ups and downs… some weeks it’s 6 days in a row followed by a 3 day weekend. Then it’s another week of ‘office’ days where I do ‘stuff’ and then 4 days, 1 day off, 5 days, 2 days off… etc. aahhh :misc6

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