Finished moving!

Posted on 31st, March, 2013

Yahoo! It only took all day. I was planning to wake up at 7:30, do the last bit of cleaning, take the garbage out, and to leave at 9:00.. thankfully my internal clock would not let me sleep and I woke up at 6:00 (which saved me big time) Moving within Japan is on the bottom of the list of fun things to do. You have to pay to throw away bigger items you don’t want. I paid about 1250 yen since I couldn’t get rid of a few things by selling/giving away. :fa6

I live right next to Shin Osaka station and although nothing much is poppin around this particular part of town, Umeda is one stop away. Not much to say about this area yet.

On to the pictures. Yesterday I had some free time to go out and take some pictures. I decided to go to Nagoya castle. Actually, I’ve been to Nagoya 3 times and lived there for a whole year… and I THOUGHT I went to the castle but I didn’t. Yeah.. :fa21 Therefore, I decided on Nagoya castle.

Pictures can’t do it justice. I thought it wasn’t that great until seeing it irl. :cam2

There are two buildings. Here is the little one.

They were building or reconstructing this..
Family crests are flipping brilliantly designed. :fa15

I’ve seen those guys on Nagoya’s local TV station. Unfortunately it was really hard to get a good picture has the sun was in the way aaand I was tired at that point.

Oh, bonus points, I didn’t buy soft cream although it looked tempting. :misc7


Trip to Inuyama

Posted on 24th, March, 2013

I’m so relieved! My job contract just finished and I have free time before I start the next one. :tyasumi Even though I might not have been busy at work, for the past couple weeks, I’ve been really busy otherwise. When I came home there was usually only a limited amount of free time and on the weekends there was always something I had to attend to. That all ended yesterday! :fa20

So, yesterday me and a good friend decided to head out to Inuyama. I’ve never been there but always thought the name sounded funny. There is a small castle there and apparently it was owned by a family member of Oda Nobunaga.. Possibly? Hmm, wouldn’t be a stretch.

Custard taiyaki is my favorite!

We walked to the castle but didn’t really go inside… It was tiny compared to all the other castles that I’ve seen.

It was a little chilly outside but it felt great to wash your hands

Sakura were just starting to blossom! Wasn’t as scenic as it could have been but it was a nice little trip. It was also a bit cloudy when we first got there but thankfully the sun came out.

Around the castle area was relatively small so we only spent about and hour altogether there. My friend suggested we go eat pancakes and of course I agreed. :fa18 We headed back to Nagoya station and waited around in the long line for PANCAKE DAYs. I went once before and the pancakes weren’t too memorable. This time was a little better.

Look at this blatant cannibalism.

We both ordered their Caramel Nuts Pancake. The topping has a very strong and very bitter caramel flavor. I guess it’s what you’d describe as grownup taste? It was a little too bitter for us and the people right next to us also were talking about its bitterness. The ice cream and a little syrup helped. Either way, it was pretty delicious.

After that we went to two purikura booths :cam

I’m 5’4″ (163cm)… My friend is teeny and makes everyone look tall. :24

She was such a good sport. After a whole day of walking around she accompanied me to a party my friend asked me to go to. I won’t go into detail but it actually ended up being pretty fun. I can’t dance for my life but they somehow got us up to dance. Someone taught me how to dance by pretending to swim. :thaha


7 things ~ Versatile Blogger Award

Posted on 22nd, March, 2013

Another update already. Wam! Bam! I’m kind of on a roll now :pt1 :pt2 Ahem, I was nominated by Mija :cat5 for the Versatile Blogger Award! Yay! It’s a fun little thing to do I suppose. :h1

VBA Rules

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.
1. Thank the person who gave you this award.

2. Include a link to their blog.

3. Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. ( I would add, pick blogs or bloggers that are excellent!) Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.

4. Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

1. You’ll never catch me outside without leggings/tights/long pants…
2. I have 150 Jp CDs and around 200+ Jp mags and don’t want them anymore.
3. My favorite type of icecream is peanut butter with chocolate chunks.. Mint w/ chocoloate is runner up. Mmm MMm calories.
4. I have a love hate relationship with Japan. I’m not even going to go there.
5. My shoe size is a US 9 and I think it’s kind of embarrassing but what can you do.
6. I’m obsessed with eyebrows!
7. I’m envious of programmers that… make programs. It’s quite amazing when you think about it.

Oooo! Now to nominate 15 blogs…:

Naija Barbie | Jenny | Alyse | Tara | Yu Ming | Alex & Joyce | Lolo | Elaine | Julie | Sara Mari

Erm… that’s 10 ;_; I’ll try to edit with more later.

Today is the last dayyyyy at mah current job.

Darnit. I’m going to miss this school a lot. :h6