x = “Ruby noob” puts x

Posted on 23rd, February, 2013

I’m always pondering and brooding over life. I day dream quite a bit about my future. Florida’s job market is a lost cause… unless you’re a registered nurse, senior something engineer, cook, cashier, hotel staff, or my favorite – call center rep. Yay, Florida.

Basically, what I really do enjoy is being left on a computer to do my thing. I was never really into programming, just kind of into messing with my personal blog. Not even like I was or am good at it but I like it. I’m thinking of getting into programming/web development. :fa3 I know a minuscule amount of Python and now I’m messing with Ruby. :h7

The syntax is indeed wonderful and simple.

codeacademy.com is pretty great. It’s free and easy to follow, no complaints from me. Today I’m going to try and get some more sections finished off. It all comes together after a bit of review. I can see how you’d be able to do a lot of interesting things with this stuff.

I’m still here in Japan and will be moving to Osaka very soon. If I do head back to America (might be soon might be never?) I’d like to go to a boot camp. Pay tuition, work with other noobs, work 70 hrs a week, produce code. Sounds exciting!! YEAH!!! :cat2

In other news it ‘snowed’ yesterday.. probably the last time this year? Just so tired of shivering. How bout spring just hurry up and get here. :fa5


Cooking Japanese food

Posted on 16th, February, 2013

Over the past year or so I’ve actually tried to take up cooking certain Japanese food. I really like stews (nimono, nikujaga) with all the different veggies. For a lot of Japanese food the ingedients are pretty much the same- sake, mirin, soy sauce, sugar, miso, etc. Still, I would follow what looked like simple recipes but I’d end up failing quite a bit. Getting better, though.

Today I made… *drum roll please*… SUKIYAKI !! :h5

MmmmMMm, looka’dat :cat1
I will eat all the sukiyaki

It’s actually pretty darn tasty. Tastes like real sukiyaki. 本当にすごく簡単なレシピだったよ :fa9

Here is what I followed. You can feed a small army with what he uses.

If you have an oriental supermarket nearby they’ve got to have most of these things in stock. I can’t stress how easy and how fool proof sukiyaki is to make. Takes about 20 minutes and doesn’t leave a huge mess.

And, in other news, Colonel Sanders is ready for that new Dragon Ball Z movie.

KFC in Japan

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My hair is doomed.

Posted on 13th, February, 2013

At least for quite a while till it grows out. It’s been about a year. I’ve cut the split ends a few times but they keep splitting anyway. My hair is seriously a frizzy-strawy mess and I donno what to do. I look back and can remember posting about dyeing my hair on my old blog. I shouldn’t have done it.

Before and After… :fa6

AAAHHHH! :fa12

My hair is naturally pretty much black and I should just leave it at that or wear wigs from now on. It’s just not worth it. It’s treated with chemical straighteners but that only works for me in combination with heat. Heat, perm, and bleach do not make for healthy hair. I don’t know how other people with my type of hair do it. I admit there are a few things I could be doing to take better care of it but…

Just as Sweet Brown said:

Ain’t nobody got time for that. :cat3

Also, I don’t think I have good enough moisturizers. There’s this olive oil hair product which I use quite generously but my hair ends up straw like the very next day. I’ve tried using repair shampoos and but I’m convinced that nothing, except new un-dyed growth, will work out in the end.

Still didn’t stop me from going out and buying a hair mask. Wondered why I paid so much at the register… Flipping bought two by mistake. D’oh!

Maybe when I get myself situated in the next couple months and lose a little more weight I’ll go to the salon and get it cut into some style. :fa7