Korea trip

I visited Korea from March 23rd to the 27th with one of my best friends. It was her 4th time and my second time going to Seoul. We stayed in Hyehwa at a little hostel she really likes.

I was really excited to shop for cosmetics and eat food you can’t really find in Japan. Most shopping was done in Myeongdong since it has all the stores concentrated together. Prices have gone up since the last time I was there and since the yen is so weak it was hard to go as crazy as I wanted to. :fa21 Shopping was fun but also kind of stressful. For one thing, people are kind of pushy… no one says excuse me. Store clerks lure you in and then follow you like a shadow silently until you buy something then they just disappear. :fa5 There’s more but, basically, customer service varies a lot from store to store. :cat2

Cute store right around Myeongdong station.

We met up with my friend’s very kind friend and he helped us out a bunch. He taught us some words and it’s interesting since there are some words that are the same or very similar to Japanese.

I automatically default to the peace sign when getting my picture taken…

Got tricked into visiting the YG building… it’s a great looking building!

Right across the building there’s this wall with lots of writing on it.

Street food was amazing, as usual. I wish Japan had street food like it, the kind that comes and goes. The only thing I see in Osaka is old guys selling roasted sweet potatoes.

Fried shrimp that didn’t make it into the picture

As for history and art… Well, we came across this while walking to Ssamziegil.

and there was another area in a neighborhood with many wall murals.

Can’t tell you what popular songs were playing in the stores as I don’t really follow kpop and nothing really caught my attention. We visited a CD store but they didn’t have k-rock section. Seems like that’s hard to come by??

And street fashion wise there was very little variety… *shrug*
Everyone except a few daring older ladies had this ‘bare face’ look going on. Flawless skin with no blush, no eyeshadow, just eyebrows that were done, very minimal eyeliner, and lip tint.
Almost all girls wear flats/sneakers unlike in Japan where you’ll see girls hiking up a mountain in some 4 inch heels. :fa18 Those darn thick black frame glasses are still a thing for guys… yup…

Getting around was still very easy and cheap! Anywhere we went was usually 1650 won (170 yen/ $1.50~ ish)

The trip was really fun and I got a bunch of things to give to my sisters and mom.
Considering the plane tickets are priced around the same as round trip shinkansen tickets from Osaka to Tokyo I’ll try to make it back there again soon. It’s just a little exhausting going through the airport checks and what not. Prepare to spend at least 6 hours in total in airports for a 2 hour flight. :fa17

I’ll be posting more pictures from the trip on tumblr/twitter/instagram and whatnot. :fa19

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Maquillage liquid rouge

And onto makeup :fa4

A few months ago I caved in and bought a lip color from Maquillage since it got such great reviews. It came with a powder foundation sample and blotting paper.

Essence Glamorous Rouge NEO in color PK323 -> Official product description

The powder was very nice and easy to apply, super fast. No idea how much it retails for but if it’s around 3000 yen that’d be reasonable. Pore coverage is amazing. :cat2

The lip color is AMAZING. It lives up to the mountain of great reviews. Not sticky and stays on until you eat. I thought the color was a little on the red side since I really like pale pinks but I’ve gotten used it. It’s a color I don’t have and I actually like it. Surprised. It cost a pretty penny too but I can see why: High quality color that doesn’t settle into creases and lasts for a long time.

It makes whatever flaw on your lips disappear. It completely hides dryness and provides moisture.

This is probably the best lip color product I have ever used in my life. Totally worth the price.

The applicator is great. Fluffy and the tip is good for precision

Unfortunately my camera doesn’t pic up the color accurately.

Also, depending on the light, it looks different here too.

Long lasting
Doesn’t settle into creases
Not sticky
Great applicator


Grade: A+
A must have. Will repeat.

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Nonno March present

Hey there, I saw this magazine at the convenience store and bought it since it came with Jill Stuart stuff. :misc2 There was another magazine a little while back that had a bag from Jill Stuart but it wasn’t remarkable. :fa5 I am not familiar with this magazine. Smart marketing, as usual, since many people just want to gifts.

Using this tissue case. It’s cute :h5

For the Snoopy lovers

a few pages of cute chocolate treats

That’s it! Felt the urge to blog. Until next time! :cat5

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