Petitor L Nail Drill

Posted on 25th, April, 2017

I’ve been doing my own gel nails for a few years, then gradually became more and more irritated with the process. It’s not like I was bored with doing my own nails, quite the opposite. :h4 I love doing my own gel nails because they make my nails super strong, super shiny, and I have the freedom to use all kinds of colors and stones. :cat2

The part that I absolutely HATE is when it’s time to take them off. I don’t do fill ins since I don’t use acrylic, just soak off gel. I have a cheap $20 drill that only comes with the little brown bands and it’s simply too weak and doesn’t really speed up the removal process. I tried using the appropriate nail files (150, 180 grit) and doing it that way, but that also takes forever. Getting the gel down to the base in some spots on all fingers takes around 1.5 hours, using acetone in a foil wrap then extends it to another hour or so. Basically I had to sacrifice entire evenings/nights after work or take up the time on the weekend. Not to mention after re-wrapping and waiting, once I finally got all the gel off my nails would feel suuuuper brittle and sensitive. :fa10

I have a bunch of tools, awesome gel colors, a fancy light, and I couldn’t let the off process deter me from doing my nails… So I decided to take the plunge and bought a real nail drill. :fa20 I purchased a Petitor L! This is probably the most affordable capable nail drill. It comes with a few different bits including a gold bit which is great for getting a lot of gel off fast.

I thought the black version looked sleek.

The speed is adjustable and so is the direction of the bit, which is super helpful.

Here are the specs:
Colors: Black, Pink, Silver
Weight: 80 grams
Size: 123mm×φ22.5mm
Speed: 6000~20500RPM
Price: 9,670 yen ($90)

I took a little video to show how fast and easy it is to use! :cam2

Since doing this video I took off the green gel and it took 1 episode of Gotham (about 45 mins)! That’s a huge improvement from 2+ hours… When they were off, my nails didn’t have that terrible brittle feel. I’m not quite there yet, but it’s possible to take off all the gel, including base gel, without having to use acetone.

That’s about it, so I’ll just leave some of my favorite gel nail instagrams here :cat5

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Naked3 Palette

Posted on 23rd, March, 2017

Oh my goodness, not only is Urban Decay nowhere to be found in Japan, they also make it impossible to have their stuff shipped here. I tried ordering the Naked 3 Palette from a few different sites, but none of them would ship internationally… I see how it is. :fa16

The palette had to be sent to my mom, and then she had to send it to me… I paid for the shipping—it wasn’t cute.

Naked 3 box. The packaging is really nice.

The colors and included brush are shown on the back of the box.

Naked 3 palette colors.

I think the brush is decent, and I like that it’s double ended. Might have to eventually invest in some quality eye brushes, even though I’m still making it with what very few brushes I have.

The colors look soooo pretty. I wanted this palette for everyday work looks and it is doing that job well. After a bit of use though, I’ve realized that some of the colors are a little too similar. Oops. I feel like I can just wing it and kind of get the same look even if I wasn’t planning on it—this might not be a bad thing. I really like the Blackheart, the black color with specs of red all the way on the right. Lining my waterline always ends in disaster, but if I use Blackheart to outline my eyes, it sort of gives a similar smokey effect effortlessly. I like the matte colors, and find that the shadows blend fine.

A few of the colors don’t really pick up well, and when they do they just seem to be glitter? I’m mostly talking about the glittery pinkish colors like Dust. I’m also not sure if I’ll ever use Trick, the coppery color.

Got the Urban Decay eye shadow primer on sale for only $10

+Pink n girly
+Sturdy packaging
+Big mirror
+Good color payoff
+Comes with brush

-Glittery fallout
-A couple colors don’t pick up well

Grade: B+
Would repurchase/recommend? Mostly, yes.

Basically, this palette is good if you want a certain type of everyday look. I’d say my biggest complaint is the $54 price tag. The best part about it is you can get a super natural look all the way to a nighttime smokey look. None of the colors really pop, but I’m sure you can tell just by looking at them—that’s not the point of this palette.

So, yeah, I’m just going to leave it at that and be a terrible blogger by not including my face.💦


Brown Olympus Pen E-PL8

Posted on 10th, January, 2017

It’s a new camera post! My old camera wasn’t the greatest at focusing—it wasn’t the greatest at taking photos either… I ended up selling it. For a while, my Galaxy s7 edge was good enough, actually, it still is, but I wanted to have a dedicated piece of hardware for going out/taking videos. It was love at first site with the Olympus Pen e-pl8. In the past, I never would have imagined spending more than $300 on a camera, so I never really paid any attention to the previous models. But now that I’m a bit more…seasoned, I’ve come to be more aware of price/quality. Either way, I went in knowing fully well what I was going to get out of this camera.

And here’s the box! :pt1
There was also an extra USB charger included. :cat2
I use my surface cable with the bottom right charging dock thing to charge the battery.

It’s heavier than I was expecting, yet still compact. It feels very solid. I would not dare to drop it. :misc7

This is my first mirrorless camera, so I didn’t exactly know what to expect. There aren’t a ton of external controls, which is fine. Video quality is also great, but there is slight warping when panning. I feel like it’d be easier to get my thoughts out using a plus/minus system, so here it is:

This is what sold me. No shame…well, maybe some shame. :24 There aren’t any other mirrorless cameras that compare… except for maybe the Fujifilm X-A3 or the white Sony a6000. Even so, there’s something about the Fujifilm ones that just seems flat, and the Sony camera is plain. The Olympus Pen e-pl8 comes in 3 colors: black, white, and brown. I became obsessed with the brown and by the time I decided to take the plunge, it got sold out everywhere. Cue a lot of waiting, and I got a hold of it two months after deciding on it. They definitely went with a retro look, but in a good way since it still looks modern.

This camera (with the lens) is $650 in the states and a HILARIOUS $1000 in Japan, so I imported it. Even with the exorbitant shipping fees and import tax it was a pretty penny cheaper.

This is the same camera as the old e-pl7… They literally didn’t even bother. I think there are a couple features that have been added, but nothing that warrants a new generation.

Despite not being upgraded from the previous version, the picture quality is still great. And of course, anything is possible with interchangeable lenses. I’m not looking to be a professional photographer, and the picture quality is better than your typical point and shoot camera. :cat2

The fuzziness is due to user error :misc7
There is a ‘beautifying’ filter, but sometimes it doesn’t get everything :cat3

The screen flips down, and not UP. It’s a little baffling as to why they did this. I think I heard something like looking down looks more natural than looking up, but I still don’t get it. Sure it’s better for selfies, but what if you want to put the camera down on a flat surface and shoot a video?? It would also get in the way of a tripod… Why not have it swing out both ways???

To sum things up, this camera is an accessory that takes pretty nice pictures :thaha I’m really happy with it =) and I have been snapping more pictures than usual. It also starts up pretty quickly, so I’ve snapped a few photos I would have otherwise not been able to get due to starting up the camera.