Some cheap finds

I can get lost for quite a bit browsing the makeup aisle anywhere. From the local supermarket to high end departments stores, it’s fun!

Here are a few things I picked up from the supermarket. :cat4

Majolica Majorca – GR615 nail polish
Majolica Majorca – OR313 orange liquid blush
CHIFURE – metal lipstick case
CHIFURE – 578 lipstick (red)
ururua moisturizing hand wash

CHIFURE - I will definitely be picking up a few more of these lipsticks since they are so cheap. I’ve never paid attention to CHIFURE stuff because the packaging is very simple. It’s easy to just totally miss it while browsing. They have a few nice, pretty safe, shades and each is about 300 yen! That is INSANELY cheap in Japan. The actual lipstick comes in a ‘refill’ kind of packaging.. there are a few cases that cost around 200-300 yen. Buuuuut… what I’d do is just switch the refills into the same case if I want to carry it with me. Basically it turns into a 600 yen lipstick if you buy a case every time huh?! :h3

I was on the hunt for a full coverage red color and got it for dirt cheap. It had the generic lipstick smell but it wasn’t strong. Feels very creamy and is opaque. So far this has been a winner.

The orange blush is greeeat! No complaints here :fa5 The bottle is also really cute.

In other news:

After another 3 month long wait I was able to get my hair straightened again at the salon. As you can see in the pictures below… the roots are funky where the hair is parted because the stylists couldn’t really focus on getting them bone straight.

Blurry shot with different lighting but I think it looks good.

Got this highly rated yet suspiciously cheap flat iron. I go up to around 180. Wouldn’t dare use the max setting! I think it was only around 3000 yen at biccamera.

It scares me sometimes… need to watch it. Heat reader better be accurate..

But wait! There’s more!

I need to do something about my room. Storage is there yet it’s still messy. Things need to go into drawers, etc.

It would be nice to get things straightened up before I go on winter break. There’s actually plenty of time for that and I should hold myself accountable. I technically only have 3 FULL days of work for this week and next week combined! All the other days are half days. NO EXCUSES! :misc7

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Jill Stuart jelly eye color N (#10)

Coming off the wings of my last post about Shu Uemura’s Shupette palette, I’m here with a small review of one small product. This eye shadow/jelly retails for 2200 yen (roughly $20). I really wanted something I could just slap on at any time. The glitter is very fine, color is there but it’s definitely on the sheer side.

I was extremely amused at the texture! It really feels like jelly, very bouncy and a little creepy. :cat3 The bottle also got me. I’ve worn it to work almost every day since getting it!

Unfortunately, #6 & #10 are going to be discontinued after 11/21

Lucky for me I bought #10 vintage decor before it was too late. :fa21

cute bottle
beautiful shimmer
nice soft color
long lasting
can be used as eyeliner

glitter everywhere depending on removal method

Grade: A+
Repurchase? YES!! In two more colors. Most likely #2 and #7.

As with any kind of gel or jelly product, keeping the lid shut tight is the key to longevity. I can see this stuff lasting me well over a year. Finger application is the easiest and probably best way to go. Each eye takes a few seconds to blend out and then it sets and stays the same throughout the day. :fa23 Glides on like gel and sets like powder.

I really like this stuff. It’s super cute and get’s the job done. Couldn’t find anything to complain about. It does, strangely enough, have scent.. It’s pretty okay and goes away quickly. Price is a little steep for just one color, but it’ll last long enough to be worth it.

Here’s the official website where you can check out all their other products.

Might be able to find their stuff through online stores. Not sure where is the best place.

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Shu Uemura Shupette X-mas Palette

I was wandering around Daimaru in Shinsaibashi on Saturday, and since I had an itch for some window shopping I spent quite some time in the fancy foofy makeup section. Why am I suddenly attracted to expensive makeup this late in my 20s..? (I see you rolling your eyes) Well, they got me.

The voices in my head won. :24

One of the compelling forces/voices that tipped me over to get this palette came from Choicerish. Really would like to try and pull off the middle look one of these days.

I have a bit of a thing going for Shu Uemra stuff even though they seem to be hit or miss. Expensive ones at that. One of my worst fears is to drop a good chunk of change there and get really disappointed by a dud. But, alas, that can happen with any high end brand anyway.

Here’s what’s pictured:
-shupette has-it-all eye & lip palette
-furry pouch
-silk cushion cheek (I chose pink)
-ultime8 sublime beauty cleansing oil (15ml)

I’ll use this palette every opportunity I get.

Treat it like my child because it might as well be with that price tag.

Some of my pictures

eye shadow +fun colors
eye shadow +easily blendable
lip colors +good color pay off
case +adorable?!
case +big mirror

eye shadow -color fades after a few hours (needs primer)
case -no clip to hold brushes in
case -fingerprint magnet

Grade: B+
This is a limited edition palette so it’ll probably be hard to find next year.

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